Opportunity Zone experiments in reviving economic mobility: Q&A with Raj Shah

  • The zones are “the biggest experiment today in the American economy...to tackle what I think is the biggest challenge in the American economy, which is the lack of opportunity that so many American households suffer through," says Shah.

What applications from 141 fund managers show about emerging opportunity zones activities

  • The Kresge and Rockefeller foundations this summer issued a call for fund managers considering opportunity funds with inclusive investment theses.
  • The overwhelming response was a signal that “fund managers across the country are engaged and moving quickly to raise capital to invest in opportunity zones,” Kresge President Rip Rapson writes on ImpactAlpha.

How opportunity zones can expand access to fresh food in America’s food deserts

  • Supermarket investments are difficult and potentially more risky in lower income areas than the tony areas of many cities or suburban communities. Perhaps the opportunity zone tax advantage could both mitigate that risk and meet the objectives of the Act’s framers.

Kresge and Rockefeller identify opportunity fund managers for grants and support

  • Impact measurement and data collection have emerged as key focal points of philanthropic foundation efforts to ensure the opportunity zone capital flows to projects that deliver inclusive prosperity in underinvested communities.

Six ways to attract capital and shape the future of opportunity zone investing

  • Interest in opportunity zones is abundant. Information is not. That’s why 200 investors, local leaders and policymakers from more than 40 states turned up at Georgetown last week for an opportunity zone pow-wow.