Innovate for refugees

Portable economic identities. A global telemedicine platform. A refugee-managed recycling center. Innovate For Refugees, a competition hosted by Beirut-based MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab, rewarded tech solutions to the acute hardships faced by refugees. Nearly a third of the 1,633 entries came from women — and 15% came from refugees themselves. Among the seven winners: Boloro and

Kiva fund will give refugees access to loans

The micro-lending platform’s latest fund is making more than $9 million available for borrowing by refugees and host countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. There are 22.5 million refugees spread around the world; five million from the crisis in Syria. “Beyond direct relief, there needs to be financial opportunities to help refugees assimilate and support themselves, and

Investing in the future of refugees who aren’t going home anytime soon

Nearly 66 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes. About two-thirds of these are internally displaced, but 22.5 million people are refugees in foreign countries, a record high. Click for more from 2030 Finance More than half of refugees are under the age of 18. Most don’t have a chance to go to school. “These are

MyCash rakes in $300,000 through equity crowdfunding for fintech for migrants in Malaysia

MyCash launched last year to provide financial services to the three million migrant workers in Malaysia, 90% of whom do not have bank accounts. It functions as an online marketplace for phone credit, bill payment, and transit tickets. It facilitated 280,000 financial transactions for 65,000 customers in its first year.The Malaysian fintech startup raised the round

The economic contributions of international migrants

Young, connected, entrepreneurial and skilled: migrants from Africa, China, India and the Philippines are making a positive impact on the countries they’ve settled in. Research from Western Union and the Economist Intelligence Unit found that Nigerians Americans, for example, are overrepresented in sectors such as law, business and investment banking. China’s millennial migrants are helping countries

Immigrants and the American Economy: A Love Story

There’s an upside to the Trump administration’s efforts to crack down on immigration: mobilized constituencies expressing renewed appreciation for immigrants’ positive impact on the American economy and society. In Los Angeles, home to 3.5 million immigrants and one million of the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants, Mayor Eric Garcetti launched the L.A. Justice Fund. The $10

Biz and tech execs pledge to support refugees and immigrants

With Silicon Valley the epicenter of immigrant-driven wealth creation, tech titans are making up for a slow start to speak out against the president’s crackdown. Google’s Sergey Brin, who was born in Russia, showed up at Saturday’s protest at SFO. Tesla’s Elon Musk, born in South Africa, tried to play messenger to the president. Airbnb’s