India’s Impact Guru partners with Global Giving for international crowdfunding

Indian crowdfunding platform Impact Guru has partnered with GlobalGiving to attract more U.S. and U.K.-based donors. The partnership with Washington D.C.-based GlobalGiving allows overseas donors to support Indian organizations and claim charitable-giving tax incentives in their own countries. Impact Guru’s CEO Piyush Jain said the strategy will make it easier for the Indian diaspora to

M-KOPA connects 500,000th East African home to off-grid solar

For about $200, paid in daily installments of 50 cents, M-KOPA customers can replace dirty and expensive kerosene with clean sun-fueled energy. That enables children to do their homework, shops to stay open at night, and individuals to save the cost of charging their mobile phones at the village kiosk. The five-year-old startup says it has

Tipping point for impact?, M-KOPA’s 500,000th customer, financing Myanmar’s women entrepreneurs

Hello ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: Recap A new consensus emerges around a more inclusive and sustainable economy…It’s always risky to call a tipping point, but the vibe this week among global financiers at the Milken Institute Global Conference is that it has become almost de rigueur to be “part of the solution” on issues like inequality,

Five ways public policy can promote high-quality jobs

As focus has shifted from the number of jobs to their quality, Pacific Community Ventures’ Insight team has identified five levers of U.S. policy to promote living wages, basic benefits, career- and wealth building opportunities and a fair and engaging workplace. The first step is simply to mandate the measurement and reporting of “quality jobs”

How accelerators are tapping the potential of growth-market entrepreneurs

Just 10 percent of private capital goes to emerging markets. A new report suggests that ventures and entrepreneurs in emerging markets are just as prepared as their high-income country peers to deploy capital and grow their businesses. Accelerating Startups in Emerging Markets, which examines 2,400 early-stage venture applicants to 43 acceleration programs in emerging and

Rise Fund investment №2, good jobs policy, tapping growth-market entrepreneurship, New York 2140

Hello ImpactAlpha readers! #Dealflow: Follow the Money TPG’s Rise Fund’s second deal is a $50 million investment in an Indian dairy. Dodla Dairy, based in Hyderabad, is a 22 year-old company that works with 250,000 smallholder farmers across 7,000 southern Indian villages, many of them surviving on the brink of poverty. The Rise Fund’s first investment

No performance difference between diverse asset managers and their peers

Over the last decade the Knight Foundation has moved 22.5 percent of its endowment, or $472 million, to management by women- and minority-owned firms. Now, Knight is sharing what it has learned in a new study. “There is no legitimate reason not to invest with diverse asset managers in the 21st century,” said Knight’s Alberto Ibargüen.