Steve Case wants to revolution-ize entrepreneurship in middle America

To reimagine agriculture, go where the farmers are. According to AOL founder Steve Case, many of the answers to how we eat, get around, consume energy and water and stay healthy will be found in the middle of the country. Case’s investment firm, Revolution LLC, has invested $840 million between the coasts and far from Silicon Valley. “Nearly

Elevar and Accion double down on CreditMantri to help Indian borrowers

The Chennai-based online credit management venture CreditMantri is close to closing a $7.6 million Series B round from its existing investors. Accion’s investment is through its Frontier Inclusion Fund, reflecting CreditMantri’s graduation from Accion’s Venture Lab, which helped seed the company’s $2.5 million raise in 2015. Elevar Equity, IDG Ventures India and Newid Capital also participated.

Bloomberg recruits Republicans to stake out a different immigration policy

Media mogul and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg has recruited Republicans as well as Democrats to help highlight the contributions of immigrants in all 435 congressional districts. The more than 100 roundtables and other events during this week’s congressional recess comes as the Trump administration rolls out plans to speed up deportation of undocumented immigrants. Immigrants

M-Pesa has a new competitor, and a 10-year head start

The Kenya Bankers Association is trying to catch up to M-Pesa’s runaway success with its own mobile money service, PesaLink. The consortium of big name banks participating may give the brand some clout, but M-Pesa could be a tough to dislodge. Launched in 2007 by Safaricom, Kenya’s biggest telecom, M-Pesa has over 25 million users

LandMapp raises funds to help farmers secure land rights in Ghana

Omidyar Network and HERi Africa are backing Dutch-based LandMapp to help smallholder farmers secure deeds to their lands. Many of the more than 500 million smallholder farmers worldwide do not have documentation of their land ownership. That makes it nearly impossible for them to get loans to invest in their farms to boost productivity and income growth.

Universal basic income to get another test, in Kenya

Universal basic income will get another test, this time in Kenya. GiveDirectly will provide 6,000 rural Kenyans with $0.75 per day for the next dozen years. That’s about half the adult income in Kenyan villages, according to Omidyar Network, which provided almost $500,000 towards the $30 million pilot. The premise of universal basic income — that money to meet basic

Accion Venture Lab sells its stake in Mexican fintech startup

In 2013, Accion was the first investor in Clip, which has grown to become one of Mexico’s largest digital payment providers. Based in Mexico City and Palo Alto, Clip serves micro and small enterprises in Mexico that otherwise lack access to financial services. Clip’s rise is part of the growing Mexican startup scene, particularly in fintech.