Finalists announced for Steve Case’s “Rise of the Rest” pitch competition

Case and the Revolution team are hosting five competitions in seven days, from York, Pa. to Green Bay, Wis. The competitions spotlight local entrepreneurs focused on social, environmental, and community issues. Case kicked off his “Rise of the Rest” bus tour earlier this year to call attention to entrepreneurs outside major U.S. hubs like Silicon Valley

J.P. Morgan replicates Detroit community revitalization commitment in Chicago

J.P. Morgan was one of the first major financial institutions to bet on Detroit’s recovery after the city’s bankruptcy in 2014. After an initial $100 million commitment, the bank pledged another $50 million to Motor City. Its work in Detroit helped the bank earn the top spot on Fortune’s third annual Change the World 50 list. Now

Agtech venture Bee Corp closes Series A to support bee health

Bees and other pollinators contribute $24 billion to the U.S. economy, but bee colonies have been suffering collapse for decades, due to factors like commercial pesticide use and parasites. (There has been a slight improvement this year.) “Given the heavy dependence of certain crops on commercial pollination, reduced honey bee populations pose a real threat

Rise Fund invests in Dharma to simplify data management during crises

TPG Growth’s Rise Fund has invested Washington D.C.-based Dharma to simplify data management during crises. The data platform is already used by responders to medical crises in Iraq, hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and the humanitarian disaster in Syria. Dharma’s software-as-a-service technology simplifies the real-time collection, management, analysis, and visualization of data. The platform, “revolutionizes the way

Can tech bring new talent to agriculture?

One in three of all workers worldwide are employed in the agriculture sector, but the share of the global workforce in agriculture is dropping as people flock to cities and emerging economy incomes rise. That’s a problem at a time when global food production has to increase by 35% by 2030 and 50% by 2050 to

SDG Week, JP Morgan in Chicago, development impact bonds, farm tech and talent

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: ImpactAlpha Original Welcome to SDG Week. At the United Nations in New York, it’s the 72nd annual gathering of the General Assembly. Outside, it’s SDG week, a moveable feast of events, receptions, panels and parties to mobilize support for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals or, more simply, the global goals. Secretary-General

Plant-based yogurt maker Yofix nabs $2 million

The Israeli company says it is the first to make seed- and lentil-based yogurt products, without any food waste or the thickeners found in other non-dairy yogurts. “Yofix technology uses all the grains in the emulsion without filtering out anything, reducing the ecological footprint,” says Ronen Lavee, Yofix’s CEO. (With soy yogurt, most of the