Vermont Works has raises $50 million for state economic and job growth

Vermont Works has raised $50 million for the state’s economic and job growth. Vermont Works is targeting the state’s growth-stage companies. “When companies are out for growth-stage capital, that’s when the availability of capital in Vermont tends to stumble,” Robert Zulkoski, a co-founder of thefund, said in an interview. The new fund has made four investments,

S-Ray aims machine learning and big data at the sustainability of big businesses

Arabesque’s new S-Ray aims machine learning and big data at the sustainability of big businesses. The new tool will “capture vast amounts of sustainability information that now exists on companies,” and make it relevant to investors, says Georg Kell, a vice chair at Arabesque. The asset management firm’s S-Ray service, with free and paid versions,

The present is the future of the past

“Today’s robot is controlled by computer, rather than magician. It is an attempt to realize one of man’s most sophisticated ideas: the embodiment in a machine of that which we call themind.” That commentary is part of a 1968 video touting an robot from MIT. Nearly 50 years later, robots are becoming commonplace and scientists,

Indian electric “Smart Scooter” maker raises prototype funding

Climate Finance Indian electric “Smart Scooter” maker has raised prototype funding. Twenty Two Motors, launched last August to develop an affordable electric vehicle for the Indian masses, has raised $1.6 million to prototype its electric “Smart Scooter.” The early-stage financing came from Ishwar Singh, CEO of Haryana Industries, an auto-parts maker, and former Harley-Davidson executive

Can the U.S. cut food waste in half by 2030?

The United States wastes more food than any other country in the world — more than 60 million tons per year that are worth $160 billion. Some of that is lost before leaving the farm, but most is discarded by households, grocery stores, food manufacturers and restaurants. Meanwhile one in seven U.S. households are food-insecure. The Obama administration’s

Vox Capital backs education startup to boost student performance in Brazil

Vox Capital has backed an education startup to boost student performance in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro-based Aondê has created a multimedia-teaching approach, called Conecturma, that combines books, games, cartoons, music and puppets into an interactive story to teach Portuguese, mathematics and social and emotional skills to youth. Conecturma is used in more than three dozen schools and

Inspirafarms raises $1.75 million to stem food waste on small farms

Inspirafarms has raised $1.75 million to stem food waste on small farms. The startup, based in Sevenoaks, U.K., designs and manufactures cold-storage and food-processing equipment that is modular and can work off-grid to help small agribusinesses reduce post-harvest losses due to pests, heat and exposure to the elements. With the equipment, a small-scale farming operation can