ConsenSys puts up $50 million to hunt for blockchain solutions to global challenges

Blockchain, meet the 2030 global goals. ConsenSys, an ambitious Brooklyn software company founded by blockchain guru Joseph Lubin, has launched a $50 million in-house venture capital fund to back startups turning the distributed-ledger technology on global challenges like refugee assistance, distributed energy, and supply-chain tracing. Click for more from 2030 Finance The firm employs more than 150

Impact Hub Austin launches affordable housing accelerator

Inclusive Economics The three-month program is supported by Google, Chase and the Austin Board of Realtors The Affordable Housing Launch in Austin | PC: Impact Hub Austin The search for affordable housing solutions continues. Among the recent efforts: Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative’s funding for teacher housing in the Bay Area; KKR’s commitment to low-cost homes in India; and the

Asia’s boom in sustainable food

Chinese regulators shuttered a Shanghai meat factory several years ago after reports it had supplied out-of-date meat to McDonald’s and Yum Brands, KFC’s parent company. The scandal cut the market value of the two fast-food companies by $10.8 billion and highlighted risks in Asia’s protein supply chains. It also spurred investors to find opportunities to invest

Dreamer economics, big biz needs small biz, driving financial inclusion, Asia’s sustainable food…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #TalkingPoints: Dreamers How Dreamers boost the American economy. The Trump administration’s plan to cancel the program that allows about 800,000 U.S. immigrants who arrived as children to stay and work must have been about politics, because it sure wasn’t about economics. The economic case will become clearer in the six months before

Cities seek investment capital for $9.5 billion in water infrastructure projects

We didn’t need World Water Week last week to remind us that too little and too much water can both be problems for fast-growing cities. Cities like Chennai in China, which in December 2015 experienced its worst rainfall in 100 years, are now building out urban water infrastructure to boost resilience through conservation education, new

Bill Gates backs Memphis Meats’ lab-grown beef, chicken and duck

Tech for Good The firm claims it uses 1% of the land and 10% of the water typically required to raise livestock for consumption PC: BigThink San Francisco-based Memphis Meats produces lab-grown meat from animal cells, distinguishing it from vegetarian “meat” companies Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, which Gates has also backed. Memphis Meats claims it uses

Investing in urbanization

Big migration flows to cities means big new projects for housing, education and other services. The population of the world’s cities is expected to double by 2050, when urban centers are expected to house, educate, feed and employ 6.5 billion people. Already some cities are investing billions in new projects and redevelopment to expand access to