Centaur Analytics secures $3 million to cut food waste using sensors

ImpactAlpha, October 10 – California-based Centaur’s funding round was led by seed-stage tech investor Athens, Greece-based Marathon Venture Capital, which specializes in early-stage investments for IoT companies. Centaur uses data science and sensors to track and monitor the conditions in which crops are stored post-harvest. The company’s goal is to improve global food quality and reduce

Meatable raises $3.5 million to make faster, cheaper cultured-meat

ImpactAlpha, October 8 – The Dutch “lab grown meat” startup joins the ranks of Future Meat, SuperMeat and Beyond Meat (notice a trend, anyone?) in raising investment capital to support its alternative protein business. While demand for protein is on the rise globally, the hang up with the lab-grown variety is that it is currently costly to