Canadian entrepreneurs look for big challenges to tackle

The Canadian consulate in New York showcased Canadian entrepreneurs using science, research and tech innovations to tackle U.N. global goals №2 (zero hunger) and №3 (health and well-being). Such global challenges are motivating entrepreneurs in the country. In the near future, as many as half of new businesses will be social enterprises, predicted Erika Karp, CEO

Robo-investing in refugees, climate-resilient housing finance, alternative capital in Africa…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Dealflow: Follow the Money On World Refugee Day, OpenInvest points its robo-advisors toward refugee inclusion. OpenInvest allows investors to back publicly-listed companies that have forward-thinking policies towards refugees, including Starbucks, which has committed to hiring 10,000 refugees in the next five years, and H&M and Google, which are pledging funds for refugee aid.

Bowery Farming raises $20 million for vertical farm expansion

Indoor farming is still small but investors think it’s poised for growth with rising global food need and the environmental strain of traditional agriculture. Bowery Farming, based in Kearny, N.J., calls itself a tech venture focused on the future of food and claims its approach grows 100 times more produce than a similarly-sized outdoor farm. It

Protix raises $50 million to raise insects for fish feed

You probably have already eaten black soldier fly larvae, at least indirectly. Farmed fish and other livestock are starting to feast on feed made from these fast-growing maggots, which themselves can be fattened on rotting food waste. The growing demand for such high-quality feed attracted investors to Protix, a Netherlands-based insect-based feed producer that is expanding

Nestle targets unemployed youth with Latin America growth plans

First Danone, now Nestle. The Swiss food company is committing to tackling social problems like youth unemployment by expanding manufacturing in its growth markets. Nestle announced that it was opening 2,900 new factory jobs in Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia. “We’re not proposing the jobs just to do good for society. Our business is developing and we

Which investors will get in on the explosion in sustainable food and agriculture?

The more than $300 billion in annual investments needed to implement the 2030 global goals related to food will unlock more than $2.3 trillion in business opportunities each year. And sustainable food system investment opportunities are everywhere. In real estate investments in organic farmland and sustainable managed forests. In public and private equity in agtech and

Follow Friday, impact exits, sustainable food system investing, this week’s quiz

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