Impact investment and philanthropy are no substitute for federal affordable-housing funds

Lack of affordable housing isn’t just a gripe among residents in hyper-expensive markets like San Francisco; it is a problem in every U.S. county, according to a report by the Urban Institute. A rise in private and philanthropic investment strategies targeting preservation and new construction of affordable housing is helping low and middle income families

Expanding OPIC is Good for America and the World

Congress will soon begin debate on the recently released Trump Administration “budget blueprint.” This blueprint includes a dizzying array of choices that lay waste to efforts aimed at fighting poverty, improving education and health for vulnerable populations, and engaging in smart global development. One of the most inexplicable proposals included in the “budget blueprint” is

Community Development Trust invests to preserve affordable housing in rural California

Housing has become a hot topic among impact investors (have a listen to ImpactAlpha’s podcast, “Sustainable Housing: What’s the Impact When Private Equity Moves In?”). A $16 million deal between CDT and Southport Financial Services will preserve three buildings in Yuba County north of Sacramento and keep them affordable for families earning less than 50 percent

What can Washington DC learn from Paraguay about lifting low-income families from poverty?

Poverty Stoplight, developed by Martin Burt at Fundación Paraguaya, has helped lift families out of poverty in 20 Latin American, African and Asian countries. Now it’s coming to Ward 8, one of DC’s poorest districts, in the leadup to the Neighborhood Economics conference in Washington May 23 and 24. DC community organizations will combine Poverty Stoplight’s

‘Chicago Model’: MacArthur, Calvert and Chicago Community Trust Launch $100 Million Local Fund

A collaborative $100 million fund to finance education and child care, healthy food and affordable housing, and energy conservation and jobs in Chicago, may become a national model for a new way to harness the interest of impact investors in local social enterprises. The MacArthur Foundation, the Chicago Community Trust and Calvert Foundation launched Benefit