Dolphin Living raises charity bond for affordable housing after London fire

Dolphin Living has raised a bond for affordable housing in the wake of the Grenfell fire. The housing charity raised £25 million ($31.8 million) within two days of listing the bond on the London Stock Exchange. It follows the deadly fire in London’s Grenfell public housing complex that exposed the poor and sometimes dangerous living conditions

Readying an ‘Impact IPO’ on the London Stock Exchange

The prospectus for one of the world’s first publicly listed impact investment companies has a long list of risk factors that would be daunting — if they weren’t much like the risk factors for all other initial public offerings. Indeed, the IPO prospectus for the Impact Investment Trust PLC, which will be listed on the London Stock

“In the future all investing will be impact”

The Economist magazine put on its second impact investment gathering in a London still reeling from this week’s Grenfell Tower fire and recent terrorist attacks. Takeaways from the event: “Increasingly ‘impact’ is a measure of externalities embedded. So in the future all investing will be impact,” said Rodney Schwartz, CEO of ClearlySo, a London-based impact

The Economist takes its impact investing show to London

The Economist’s February impact investing pow wow in New York signaled the industry’s penetration into mainstream finance. See: Name-checking the Headliners at the Economist's Impact Investing Conference At the sequel in London next week, the magazine will ask whether it’s possible to build ‘impact’ into the fabric of traditional investment firms. Those gathering to discuss “purpose-driven

Scotland strengthens European social enterprise ties for the Brexit era

As the U.K. begins its two-year process to leave the E.U., Scotland is seeking ways to stay connected. The Scottish government’s three-year Social Enterprise Action Plan aims to “maintain the strongest possible relationship with European partners.” Scotland is looking to “frame, lead and accelerate global developments in the social enterprise movement,” and will host the2018

Greensleeves Care raises $41 million Retail Charity Bond to care for England’s elderly

Greensleeves Care has raised a $41 million Retail Charity Bond to care for England’s elderly. Greensleeves Care supports nearly 800 residents in 20 residential, dementia and nursing homes across England. The London-based charity raised the funds in less than a week through Allia, which helps charitable organizations raise unsecured debt through retail bonds listed on London

“Hard” or “soft” Brexit will determine U.K.’s path to 2030

Parliament, which now will have a say in triggering negotiations with the European Union, may want to insist on a soft landing, indeed. “Future Proof,” a recent report from the Institute for Public Policy Research forecasts that an isolated U.K., without an influx of young migrants, will be older, more unequal and squeezed financially by the