ImpactAlpha’s #DealFlow 2.29.2016: FinTech, EdTech … and Impact in India

Edtech and fintech dominated the dealflow last week, and India continues to be a hotbed of impact investment activity. Boston education software firm Ellevation raised growth capital from some big names in tech; EduBridge got backing for its youth skills training model; and ATMs, perhaps the original fintech innovation, are considered a key to financial

Unitus Impact Fund Makes Better Livelihoods for Global Poor an Investable Proposition

There are 18 million smallholder farmers in Indonesia with monthly incomes of less than 200,000 rupiah, or $58. Vasham, a social enterprise in Jakarta that provide financing, expertise and a guaranteed above-market price for their crops, serves 1,708 of them. That counts as proof-of-concept that Vasham can both raise farmers’ income and turn a profit. Add

ImpactAlpha’s #DealFlow 2.18.16: Jana’s Free Internet Raises $57 Million

This week in impact investing: mobile ad platform Jana raises $57 million to expand free internet services; Social Finance launches a South Carolina social impact bond for mothers and children; a fund in the UK offers tax relief along with an expected 8 percent return; and more! Jana raises $57 million to expand free internet service.

In Latin America, Leaders Begin to Catch Up with Impact Investment Activity

Latin America’s homegrown community of impact investors will get an assist from two visitors this week. First up is Pope Francis, who has called for markets to better serve the basic interests of people. “Impact investors are those who are conscious of the existence of serious unjust situations,” he said at a Vatican conference in 2014. Also

Q&A With Leapfrog Investments: Impact Investing ‘Skeptics Have Been Defeated’

To many of us, insurance is, well, boring. There are two key reasons why. One, in developed markets anyway, many of us (but unfortunately far from all of us) just expect it to be there. Like roads, or plumbing, or air, insurance hovers in the background. You set it up, pay for it and then

Bill Gates Doubles Down to Scale Up Financing for New Impact Fund Managers

When Bill Gates agreed a couple years ago to put a small piece of his personal fortune into a fund that invests in companies serving low-income customers in India, he invited the fund managers to return with a plan to scale up their investments and their social impact. The fund managers recently took such a plan

Social impact incentives aim to tilt businesses toward the needs of the poor

Companies often get fined for poor behavior. Now, some will get rewarded for behavior that serves the poor. A pilot program funded by the Swiss government will pay bonuses to Latin American businesses that can prove that they are improving the quality of life of their poor customers. The enhanced revenues should make such high-impact businesses