Community Development Trust invests to preserve affordable housing in rural California

Housing has become a hot topic among impact investors (have a listen to ImpactAlpha’s podcast, “Sustainable Housing: What’s the Impact When Private Equity Moves In?”). A $16 million deal between CDT and Southport Financial Services will preserve three buildings in Yuba County north of Sacramento and keep them affordable for families earning less than 50 percent

Fossil-fuel divestment is not just prudent asset-management. It’s the law.

Climate Finance The Ireland Strategic Investment Fund could soon be required to divest from fossil fuels. The Irish Parliament voted 90 to 53 to pass a bill requiring its public investment fund to divest its €8 billion ($8.6 billion) in coal, oil and gas investments over the next five years. The bill is likely to become

Who’s driving solutions to youth unemployment? Young people

There will be nearly 1.3 billion youths between 15 and 24 in 2030. India, for example, will need to create 12 to 17 million new jobs every year — that’s more than a million each month — to keep up with the growing labor force. In the next decade alone, 600 million young people will compete for 200 million

Digital freelancing sites bring global youth into the gig economy

In Kenya, 40,000 youths have secured work through freelancing sites like Amazon’s MTurk and Kenyan startup KuHustle. The Kenyan government wants to boost that to a million young people by dispatching mentors and providing free wi-fi and online registration. Globally, 75 million youth ages 15 to 24 are without work; 20 million more enter the

Pakistani emigrants back entrepreneurs back home

Pakistani emigrants back entrepreneurs back home As one of the “best hidden” frontier markets, Pakistan’s homegrown startups are starved for capital. Sarmayacar, based in London, is tapping Pakistani expatriates in Singapore, New York and other finance capitals as well. The investor network’s seed fund syndicate has raised more than $3 million and made its first deal, a

Ignia demonstrates investment opportunities in Mexico’s emerging middle class

Inclusive Economics Monterey-based venture capital firm Ignia has invested $200 million in companies supporting upward economic mobility. The emerging middle class represents 70 percent of the population, with $426 billion in annual purchasing power. Ignia’s latest investments have been in Abra, a mobile money startup using blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin; Pangea Money Transfer, an

Growth of private equity in Africa boosts mid-size companies

Women Rising Roughly 200 private equity firms manage $30 billion in assets in Africa, up from next to none 20 years ago. Half of that capital was raised and invested in the past five years. Compared to PE in the US and Europe, however, where large deals and creative financial modeling and engineering dominates, the