New French and Spanish funds for investing in the 2030 global goals

Bankia, the fourth largest bank in Spain, is building a fund (paywall) open to retail and institutional investors around companies focused on poverty alleviation (SDG №1), eliminating hunger (SDG №2), health and well-being (SDG №3), clean water and sanitation (SDG №6) and life on land (SDG №15). The fund will be three-quarters in stocks and one-quarter

Third Sector Investment Fund tries again to structure social-venture loans

A £30 million loan fund has been reconstructed because of lack of interest from the small and medium-sized social ventures who were targeted as borrowers. The Third Sector Loan Fund, was launched in 2014 by Social and Sustainable Capital and backed by Big Society Capital, Santander Bank, and Social Investment Business, to encourage commercial banks

Bridges Fund Management closes £220 million fund

Bridges Fund Management has closed a new £220 million fund. The U.K.-based impact investor’s fourth property fund is its largest to date, following its £212 million third fund that it closed in 2015. (The third fund raised close to $320 million at the time; $274 million at today’s exchange rate.) The fourth fund has four investments lined up,

“Samurai” bond in Japan will refinance social investments in France

Samurai bonds are yen-denominated bonds listed by foreign issuers for the Japanese market. Groupe BPCE, France’s second largest retail bank, structured the ¥58.1 billion ($518 million) bond like a traditional or green bond, targeting the proceeds to refinance loans made in education, healthcare and social sectors in France by its Banque Populaire and Caisses d’Epargne operations.

Elemental Software raises £300,000 to link healthcare and community resources

The U.K. company takes a “more than medicine” approach to health. It launched last year with a solution to refer high-risk chronic disease patients to community health providers and social care professionals. Most chronic diseases, like obesity, diabetes and heart disease, are closely linked to lifestyles. Combatting them is putting a growing strain on government and

European startups share $7.2 million for product development

Europe’s “Horizon 2020” program has allocated the funds to 128 projects in transport, information technology, climate change, and clean energy. Not all are social-impact focused, but those that are include: mobile healthcare for the critically ill; vegan leather; a European web browser for the E.U.’s strict privacy and security policies; and several senior-care/independent living projects, as

Global Seed Vault slated for $4.4 million upgrade

The Arctic vault, which houses almost a million seeds for food crops, is a “food security” investment for the world. The nine-year-old vault is buried 130 meters inside a mountain and was built to withstand man-made and natural disasters. But unusually warm temperatures this winter sent meltwater flooding into the vault. The seeds weren’t damaged but the