China is officially a leader in the long-term fight against climate change

The reality may not match the rhetoric, but the rhetoric is a relief. “[China has] taken a driving seat in international cooperation to respond to climate change,” Chinese President Xi Jinping said in the Great Hall of the People at the start of this week’s Communist Party congress. “Only by observing the laws of nature can

RSF Social Finance lends $1.6 million to organic sauerkraut producer

Pickled cabbage is the newest– make that oldest– superfood. RSF made the loan to Whitethorne, a subsidiary of the nonprofit Hawthorne Valley Association, which sells ethically produced organic foods. The capital will allow Whitethorne to move into a new production facility and expand sales of its sauerkraut and other foods in the northeastern U.S. Funding came

The Brief’s Big Ten — Women, Latin American social ventures, universal owners

Happy Friday, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: The Brief’s Big Ten 1. Five-dozen venture capital funds are betting on women around the world. The team at Wharton Social Impact Initiative found funds that have raised $1.3 billion to invest with a “gender lens” — including 21 funds launched in 2017 alone. Read more. Meet 58 venture capital funds that are betting

Impact drives growth, artisan marketplaces, free-trade carbon, tapping the $12 trillion…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: Impact Voices Investors discover that impact drives growth (just don’t call it impact investing). As an investment firm focused on college affordability and completion, University Ventures pays close attention to the impact of its investments on students. “Our portfolio companies are achieving growth because they achieve impact,” writes co-founder and managing partner

25 universal assets owners that could put a dent in the SDG financing gap

Canada had the most leaders on a list of the world’s top 25 responsible asset allocators, with six asset managers representing nearly $1 trillion under management. Think tank New America published the list as part of its Bretton Woods II initiative, which aims to “unlock at least $250 billion in new resources to address challenges

Green Visor Capital backs Colombia fintech startup Tpaga

The founders of Tpaga launched Tappsi, a Colombian ride-hailing services, in 2012 to offer a safer taxi option for urban residents and visitors. Tpaga expands that service with a mobile wallet that gives Colombia’s unbanked taxi drivers and other adults a cashless payment option. Tappsi’s 50,000 taxi drivers are the first Tpaga users. Tpaga developed the

BBOXX closes $5 million for pay-as-you-go solar in Rwanda

The debt funding will be used to help 150,000 Rwandans finance BBOXX’s home solar products and systems. The funds will be managed by Banque Populaire du Rwanda in an unusual trilateral structure for pay-as-you-go solar. Banque Populaire du Rwanda also helps support BBOXX’s 250,000 current Rwandan customers. BBOXX closed a $20 million equity round last year