Can a Long-Term Stock Exchange drive long-term impact?

Short-termism in business and finance is blamed for everything from excessive CEO compensation to underinvestment in infrastructure to the Great Recession itself. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink last year took CEOs to task for excessive dividend payouts, an obsession with quarterly-earnings guidance and ignoring long-term risks and opportunities. “Over the long-term, environmental, social and governance, or

Today’s look at India’s urban future

A collection of rural villages in Andhra Pradesh is set to become India’s first smart city, called Amaravati, to be built from scratch and eventually home to 3.5 million people. “India’s second growth story will start from Amaravati,” Sreedhar Cherukuri, the Andhra Pradesh development commissioner told the Wall Street Journal (paywall). It is one of 100

Which countries are ready for the next global shock?

Some poor countries are surprisingly resilient, and some rich countries may be vulnerable to sudden change. KPMG’s Change Readiness Index (CRI), seeks to measure how effectively governments, private and public enterprises and civil society are likely to respond to financial shocks, social instability, and natural disasters — and how well they can take advantage of opportunities that come

Clean cooking is key to ending energy poverty by 2030

Growing access to electricity is a bright spot in the sustainable development agenda. Between 2000 and 2016, 500 million people gained access to electricity. That pace is expected to continue to 2030. That will still leave 674 million people (compared with 1.1 billion today), without access to reliable electricity, out of a global population of

Accelerating ImpactAlpha, Fiji’s green bond, deals Down Under, clean cooking to end energy poverty

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: ImpactAlpha Original ImpactAlpha joins The Information Accelerator to drive revenue growth.Blockchain for good. Women rising in India. The $2.5 trillion SDG challenge. Reviving American communities. Financing climate action. The (impact investing) beats go on. As the scope and scale and, frankly, impact of impact investing expands, ImpactAlpha is working hard to

Women in the megacities of the future

London is the most female-friendly city megacity of today, thanks to universal healthcare and access to education and financial services. The most dangerous city for women is Cairo, where violence against women is widespread. Delhi and Sao Paolo rank the worst for sexual violence, such as rape. Lima came in last in women’s access to

Women Rising in India: An ImpactAlpha Special Report

That the rising social and economic power of women in the next two decades is a global megatrend bigger than the rise of India and China in the last two decades is an increasingly well-accepted truth. Less well-known is how the rise of women in those two countries themselves, and in India in particular, can