America pledges itself (almost) all-in on climate action

Bonn, Germany — The bright white inflatable dome stands out from the grey skies and rain at the two-week global climate conference here. The buzz of activity at the alternative home for the United States at COP23 also contrasts with the nearly invisible official U.S. delegation. The dome is sponsored by Michael Bloomberg to collect the many

The Brief’s Big Ten: Climate tensions, inclusion opportunities, veteran bets

Good Friday evening, ImpactAlpha readers. And a Veteran’s Day salute to our U.S. readers. #Featured: The Brief’s Big Ten 1. Cities, states and companies are carrying the U.S. torch at climate talks in Germany. There’s no snazzy U.S. government pavilion at COP23 in Bonn, Germany. Instead, the American action is at the area set up by U.S.

Aquam raises $26 million to improve water infrastructure resiliency

NewWorld Capital, an environmentally-focused private equity firm, led the financing for the U.K.-based company, which works with water utilities worldwide to inspect, maintain, repair and monitor water infrastructure. Nearly a quarter of the U.K.’s piped water supply is lost through leakages. In the U.S., many water pipes are close to or over 100 years old

SolarHome secures debt financing from Kiva

More than 150 million people live off-grid in Southeast Asia and spend $3 billion each year on lighting and heating substitutes, like kerosene. SolarHome sells pay-as-you-go home solar products to rural, unbanked, off-grid households in Myanmar; it is installing about 150 units per week. Kiva is backing the startup with a $50,000 loan to support

Falling storage costs drive growth of off-grid solar

The dramatic drop in the price of solar panels and lithium-ion batteries, other advances in energy storage, and new business models are driving surging market demand. The number of off-grid solar systems around the world grew by 41 percent from 2015 and 2016, according to the International Finance Corp.’s Creating Markets for Climate Business report. Bloomberg New

Managing climate impacts through 2050

Only about 50 of the 250 top corporate producers of greenhouse gases have put in place strategies to reduce their climate impacts through 2050 and beyond. But those that have are demonstrating that their plans are creating value by growing revenue and reducing costs. A new ranking from Thomson Reuters charts the top 250 corporate producers of

Lightsource, Macquarie partner on large-scale solar in India

India wants to develop 100 gigawatts of solar capacity by 2022, up from 14.8 gigawatts in September. That represents a big opportunity for outside investors and solar developers. In partnership with U.K.-based Lightsource, Australian bank Macquarie is committing up to £30 million ($39.5 million) from its joint venture with the U.K. government to build a