Investing in women in India: A tale of two McKinsey reports

Two years ago, McKinsey reported that achieving gender parity in India by 2025 would have a greater economic impact than in any other region in the world. The report, The Power of Parity: Advancing Women’s Equality in India, estimated that India could add a whopping $700 billion in added GDP in 2025 by, for example, raising

New Forests expands ‘climate-smart’ timber holdings in Northern California

The acquisition of the 170,000-acre Shasta Cascade Timberlands from Roseburg Resources will boost New Forests’ climate-mitigation revenues along with its timber holdings. New Forests has been active on the California carbon offset market, one of the largest sources of capital for forest conservation projects. Some of New Forests’ projects generate income for Native American tribes

58 gender-lens funds and 25 responsible universal owners, Standard Life’s SDG fund, China’s climate…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: ImpactAlpha Original Meet 58 venture capital funds that are betting on women around the world. The rising social and economic power of women is a global mega-trend that venture capital is beginning to notice. Suzanne Biegel, a longtime gender lens investor and advisor, and the team at the Wharton Social Impact

Bloom Impact gets boost from Engineers Without Borders

Bloom Impact, a Ghana-based fintech startup, provides an online and mobile platform to help micro- and small-business owners in Africa raise funds by enabling lenders to vet businesses in need of financing. Bloom estimates there is a $140 billion to $170 billion financing gap for Africa’s small business owners, many of whom operate in the

Venture philanthropy solutions to Europe’s challenges

Europe is being tested by rising inequality, refugee integration, disappearing jobs and shrinking civic space. A new crop of social enterprises and social-purpose organizations are responding to the challenges. To create meaningful impact, these businesses need stable funding, capacity and partnerships. The European Venture Philanthropy Association, a collection of investors, grantmakers, banks and business schools, has

Fenix acquired by Engie SA to accelerate off-grid solar in Africa

The San Francisco-based maker of small pay-as-you-go solar systems will anchor the French utility company’s efforts to grow in Africa. Engie will provide capital and help raise financing to expand Fenix’s services into at least 10 African countries over five years, Fenix CEO Lyndsay Handler told Bloomberg. Pay-as-you-go solar products have exploded across Africa in recent

Rabobank puts up $1 billion to ‘kickstart’ sustainable farming

The world needs to produce 50 percent more food by 2050 to keep pace with the world’s population growth, but it needs to do it more sustainably. That’s the opportunity. Netherlands-based Rabobank is joining forces with U.N. Environment to finance initiatives working to reduce food waste, restore depleted soil and promote nutrition and resilient farming