The U.S. population is growing while other advanced economies are shrinking

As global population increases from 7.6 billion in 2017 to a projected 9.8 billion in 2050, half that growth is expected to be concentrated in just nine countries (in order of expected contribution): India Nigeria Democratic Republic of the Congo Pakistan Ethiopia Tanzania United States of America Uganda Indonesia How Dreamers boost the American economy One reason

Reasons for optimism about the new year

“Most important story of 2017 is that the global poverty rate reached its lowest level ever,” tweeted economist Bill Easterly. “This will probably be the most important story of 2018 also. Happy New Year.” One reason: China. In the past three years, the world’s most populous country has cut by half the number of people living

State Bank of India backs small-business lender Lendingkart

The Ahmedabad-based company helps unbanked business owners in India get access to loans and lines of credit. Since 2014, it has provided short-term loans to 12,000 small businesses, but demand is exponentially greater, Inc24 reports. The latest backing from the government-run State Bank of India will be used to extend Lendingkart’s reach to 950 cities, up from

Vionx Energy raises $5 million for battery-storage technology

Improving storage capacity and reducing battery costs are key to expanding renewable-energy sources like solar and wind. Woburn, Mass.-based Vionx produces utility-scale “flow batteries,” an alternative to the lithium-ion batteries that are now standard. Flow-battery technology is considered well suited to the utility industry because of its longer lifespan and capacity, but it still needs to

Financial technology trends, off-grid community ventures, China’s social-value 99, vulnerable…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: ImpactAlpha Voices Lessons from 1,000 U.S. fintech companies. More than half of American adults — about 138 million — have difficulty managing their daily financial lives. A new wave of fintech startups are using increasingly sophisticated technology and social media to target overlooked populations with helpful tools, some provided by employers as benefits to their

Financial Solutions Lab: What we’ve learned from 1,000 fintech companies

Mobile banking and financial services apps like Digit, Albert and WiseBanyan have become integral parts of many Americans’ financial lives. The next wave of fintech startups are using increasingly sophisticated (and low-cost) technology and social media to target overlooked populations with action-oriented tools, many of them provided by employers as benefits to their workers. About 138

Aspiration raises $47 million for “conscious banking”

Most banks profit from overdraft, ATM and other fees, or from financial products ill-suited to their customers. Los Angeles-based Aspiration lets customers themselves choose how much to pay in fees. It also provides them with a “sustainability” score on their spending choices. “If we can start driving people to [put] ethics at the core of