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Paying for success in asthma and homelessness prevention and early childhood education

Three new grants will help develop “social impact bonds” in Utah and South Carolina. The Nonprofit Finance Fund has awarded $650,000 to design and structure the deals, in which private investors get repaid if the projects meet specific targets — and save taxpayers money. NFF has distributed $3.4 million in grants to develop pay-for-success projects on behalf

Matching funds to combat fake news

The Knight Foundation moved quickly to capitalize on concerns over fake news after the U.S. election. Knight launched the $1.5 million initiative a week before Christmas. With nine days left in the call to action, 20 nonprofit news organizations, including the Center for Public Integrity, ProPublica and Inside Climate News, have reached the $25,000 match limit.

Move over fintech. Human agents drive financial inclusion

Technology is helping give more people access to payment, saving, loan and investment services. But Greta Bull, head of the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor, says the real game changer is distribution. The key to M-Pesa’s mobile payments system, for example, is its network of agents who allow customers to convert cash to digital

Letter from Brazil: Collective Action to Help Small Businesses Achieve Development Goals

As the host of two historic UN summits on sustainable development in the past 25 years, it should come as no surprise that Brazil is actively engaged in testing innovative approaches to reach the sustainable development goals. Supporting small and growing businesses (SGBs) can be an important part of this agenda, contributing to advances in

Breaking New Ground in Agricultural Investments in the Caucasus, Central Asia and North Africa

Impact investments targeting the agricultural sector tend to focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America, leaving behind other regions of the developing world. To tap these overlooked opportunities, responsAbility Investments AG has been working with producers and processors in the Caucasus, Central Asia and North Africa. Target Markets It’s not difficult to see

Banking on the Poor: Using the Off-Grid Solar Revolution to Unlock Low-Income Credit in Africa

The convergence of low-cost solar technology, nearly ubiquitous mobile phones, and increasingly robust systems for mobile payments has unleashed a wave of entrepreneurship and investment across Africa and Asia. Off-grid solar electric systems are leapfrogging decrepit utility grids in much the same way as mobile phones leapfrogged landlines. And solar power is just the start

Sizing Up ‘Blended Finance’: A Guide to a New Financing Approach to Fuel Sustainable Development

When we look back from the year 2030 at the progress toward the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we are likely to see that the emergence of “blended finance” played a critical role. Even in emerging markets investing, many people don’t quite know how to define this approach – a few months ago, I was one of