Marrakech Express: Bridging the Climate Innovation Gap with Strategic Philanthropic Investments…

Climate Finance / Smarter Money Marrakech Express: Bridging the Climate Innovation Gap with Strategic Philanthropic Investments (Webinar) PRIs can de-risk or help complete investment deals that otherwise might not get done Rather than bemoan venture capitalists’ lack of interest in early stage innovation to tackle climate change, Sarah Kearney and her PRIME Coalition have set out

Banking on the Poor: Using the Off-Grid Solar Revolution to Unlock Low-Income Credit in Africa

The convergence of low-cost solar technology, nearly ubiquitous mobile phones, and increasingly robust systems for mobile payments has unleashed a wave of entrepreneurship and investment across Africa and Asia. Off-grid solar electric systems are leapfrogging decrepit utility grids in much the same way as mobile phones leapfrogged landlines. And solar power is just the start

#Dealflow 6.30.16: Capria Launches $100 Million Fund, Raises by UnCommon Cacao, Impact Engine and More

Regular readers of ImpactAlpha know we’ve been following (here and here) the development of Capria, an impact investing fund with a novel strategy — incubating and investing in first-time impact fund managers who can then leverage Capria’s investment to raise additional funds and seed dozens if not hundreds of impact enterprises around the world. It turns out President

Foundation impact investing: a roundup of deals, policy changes, tools, research and lessons.

Photo by © Baltimore, Md. — There’s a tendency for some hardcore finance types to look down their noses at philanthropic foundations. Soft-headed. Concessionary. Anti-business. It may be time for a new view: Pioneering. Catalytic. Risk-taking. And in the nascent market for investments that generate financial returns through the creation of social and environmental benefits, perhaps

‘Chicago Model’: MacArthur, Calvert and Chicago Community Trust Launch $100 Million Local Fund

A collaborative $100 million fund to finance education and child care, healthy food and affordable housing, and energy conservation and jobs in Chicago, may become a national model for a new way to harness the interest of impact investors in local social enterprises. The MacArthur Foundation, the Chicago Community Trust and Calvert Foundation launched Benefit