Talking system-change and impact investing at Mission Investors Exchange

  • "E" for endowment... At the Mission Investors Exchange conference in Chicago, Hewlett Foundation’s Larry Kramer mixed it up with the Ford Foundation’s Darren Walker and the Heron Foundation’s Dana Bezerra over the efficacy of moving endowment assets toward “mission-driven” investments

Impact holding companies: Breaking the chains of the 10-year fund is harder than it looks

  • Concerns... Lack of liquidity has been a challenge in getting more than a few investors to buy into the holding company structure for impact investments.
  • Patience... The traditional private equity fund—typically spanning 10 years—often doesn’t give companies the time they need to generate value or impact.
  • Solutions... Paying dividends, allowing investors to sell shares on a private secondary market, and taking the company public can address these concerns.