Indispensable element in many impact investments: ‘catalytic capital’

  • The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is committing to invest $150 million in matching funds for investment managers and other intermediaries that can demonstrate the power of catalytic capital.
  • The first $30 million investment, matched by $30 million from the Rockefeller Foundation, will seed investments in Rockefeller’s “Zero Gap” portfolio of innovative financial structures aimed at meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Northwest Health Foundation invests $1 million in fund for Oregon communities

  • The commitment is part of a new collaboration between the Philanthropy Northwest association of more than two dozen foundations and RBC Global Asset Management to support homeownership, affordable housing, healthcare clinics, job creation and small business creation in a five-state region in the northwest Unities States.

Private capital falls short in ‘blended finance’

  • In theory, blended finance should leverage limited public financing to “crowd in” many times that amount in private capital. In practice, such leverage has been limited, according to a Dalberg review of 117 such blended financing deals. Overall, each dollar of public funding generated only about 79 cents of private investment.

The key to new $500 million affordable housing fund? A $40 million grant from Facebook’s founder.

Making the numbers work for building and preserving affordable housing has been tough in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the highest-cost housing markets in the U.S. The new Partnership for the Bay’s Future, which announced a $500 million fund last week, found a way to square the circle: $40 million from the Chan