Japan’s SoftBank to help finance India’s march towards all-electric vehicles by 2030

Electric vehicle sales in India are not growing fast enough to meet the country’s all-electric 2030 goal. SoftBank sees an opportunity to help lower the high cost of electric vehicle manufacturing, and retail costs in turn. The bank is reportedly negotiating with the Indian government over low-cost terms for financing 200,000 electric busses for public use. It

Nordic solutions to global challenges

As the Trump administration turns away from the global consensus on sustainable development (see above), the Nordics are doubling down. Case in point: Norway is phasing out gas and diesel-powered cars by 2025. Norway already leads the world in electric car ownership. There are 100,000 electric vehicles driving Norwegian roads — the highest per capita of any

BlackRock tips shareholder vote to press oil giant on climate risk

All of a sudden, majorities of oil company shareholders are voting to force a full accounting of climate risks and opportunities. Last week, Occidental Petroleum’s shareholders voted overwhelmingly (393 million votes to 191 million) to direct management and the board to assess the impact of the “2-degree scenario” on the oil company’s assets and liabilities.

ION Energy raises funding to build electric car batteries

ION Energy has closed an undisclosed amount of funding to develop battery storage for electric vehicles in India. The angel investors include executives from Salesforce and Credit Suisse. The Mumbai company claims its product will help cars charge faster and improve distance range and acceleration time. There is a big push in India for electric vehicles,

Can “mobility-as-a-service” end traffic jams by 2030?

A convergence of automation, digitization and the shared economy could make traffic jams a thing of the past…er…present. Poor mobility isn’t just agonizing. It affects health (emissions and accidents), stunts economic growth (lost time for workers and products) and contributes to inequality. “Does everyone have the opportunity to move around, or only those who can

Where Tesla still lags Ford: Self-driving cars

Electric car maker Tesla hit a milestone last week when its market value of $49 billion overtook Ford’s $46 billion (while selling 76,000 cars last year to Ford’s 6.7 million). But Big Auto still may have an edge over Silicon Valley upstarts in the race for self-driving cars. A recent report from management consulting firm

Renewables are no longer ‘alternative.’ Fossil fuels are ‘legacy.’

The decision facing investors, from American families with 401(k)s to managers of the world’s largest pension and sovereign wealth funds, is whether to bet on the low-carbon energy transformation now well under way – or stick with business-as-usual. At stake is not only retirement security but whether the end of the fossil fuel era is