Inclusive venture capital, high-growth Ethiopian businesses, India’s electric vehicle market

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: New Revivalists Brian Dixon: The 34-year-old African-American VC turning inclusion into a competitive advantage. Call it the new face of venture capital. Kapor Capital is quietly building one of the youngest, most talented and most diverse teams of venture capitalists in the industry. That team includes Brian Dixon, who at 34,

Shell buys EV-charging company NewMotion

Royal Dutch Shell is hedging its bets as more countries commit to taking vehicles that burn fossil fuels off the road. The world’s sixth-largest oil company is buying Netherlands-based NewMotion, which makes public and home-based electric-vehicle chargers. Financial terms weren’t disclosed. Although less than 1% of cars sold today are electric, hybrid and all-electric vehicles could

Envision Solar secures $4.5 million for solar electric-car charging

Envision Solar has secured $4.5 million for solar electric-car charging. The San Diego-based company has developed a solar charging station for electric vehicles that can fit within a standard parking space and generate enough power for 225 miles of driving time. The company raised the $4.5 million in debt capital from an unnamed investor.

Sustainable cellphone maker Fairphone raises $7.7 million

The Dutch “responsible electronics” startup launched four years ago, selling a modular cellphone handset made with sustainably sourced minerals, and funded through crowdsourcing. The latest round is backed by Pymwymic Impact Investing Cooperative and DOEN Participaties, the investment arm of the Dutch DOEN Foundation. The funds will be used for material sourcing, production, distribution, recycling

China’s fossil fuel-free car future

China, the world’s largest car market with over 25.5 million cars and light vehicles sold in 2016, has signaled an end to production of fossil fuel-burning vehicles — someday. There’s no timeline for the timeline for China to stop making internal-combustion vehicles. But China has set goals for electric and plug-in hybrid cars to make up at

Tax the wealthy, the robots and…electric vehicles?

2030 Even a modest increase in electric-vehicle sales, to 20% of new car sales, would cut gas revenues by $3 billion Photo credit: Department of Energy According to the International Energy Agency, the number of electric vehicles on the road hit two million in 2016. Registered plug-in and battery-powered vehicles rose 60% from 2015. Tech improvements, particularly in

Tech-driven water, energy and waste efficiency opportunities

Impact Engine, an early-stage investor in Chicago, shared lessons about resource efficiency from its portfolio of about three dozen “impact tech” startups. (An earlier article highlighted investable opportunities in economic empowerment.) Impact Tech Opportunity Series (Pt. 2): Resource Efficiency Take Measurabl, a San Diego startup that helps commercial real estate owners collect and manage the