MEETS: Generating ‘Non-Energy’ to Drive Revenues from Efficiency

Energy efficiency should be the low-hanging fruit of carbon-reduction schemes, with clear and reliable paybacks. Instead, the bountiful harvest has been tantalizingly out of reach, for lack of sufficient upfront capital. Now a new financing structure may finally get the players lined up and the dollars flowing. The premise of the so-far only deal done:

‘Impact Alpha’ Opportunities in Wastewater

“One of the largest opportunities we see right now is in the wastewater market, where a waste stream, such as cow manure, is converted into multiple revenue streams, including energy, fertilizer, animal bedding, water and renewable/tax credits. “ Ben Vitale, principal of Wastewater Capital Management, at Equilibrium Capital’s investor conference, June 2013. We founded Equilibrium

Solar Mosaic’s Social Returns Fill Market Gaps

Solar Mosaic Inc.’s successful fundraising from the “crowd” for solar-electricity installations in California last month demonstrated the real value a potentially large number of individual investors place on social returns and environmental benefits. The deals, which financed rooftop solar installations, were billed as pilot projects to test a promising financing model.  Over time, the model