Closing the Gap in Low-Carbon Finance at the Climate Risk Summit

UNITED NATIONS — Slushy sidewalks notwithstanding, climate leaders passed through UN security Wednesday with a spring in their step. In a reunion of sorts for the COP21 climate agreement in Paris, an all-star, all-expert cast descended on the United Nations to prod investors into urgent and aggressive action. [blockquote author=”Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention

Beyond Sustainability: GreenWave’s Regenerative Ocean Farm

R. Buckminster Fuller was a founding father of systems thinking. You can look it up. And you can look up an index of ideas that honor such thinking in the roster of winners of the annual Fuller Challenge, the $100,000 award given by The Buckminster Fuller Institute, which is seeking to extend the vision of the

ImpactAlpha’s #DealFlow for Jan. 8, 2016: Weekly Roundup of Impact Investments

This week: The investment winds are blowing for both small- and large-scale wind deals; the Kresge Foundation pledges $20 million to early childhood education in Detroit; and mom-and-pop shops in Peru and Venezuela may have more access to working capital to expand their businesses. Big Investment in small-scale wind. United Wind has received $200 million

An Investable Proposition: Preview of the 2016 Conservation Finance Conference

Quick quiz: Do you know what “REDD+” stands for? You will soon. Conservation finance is sure to be one of 2016’s hot topics. Already, reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (or REDD+) is gaining momentum as a result of the Paris climate accords, at which forests were an unexpected centerpiece. As our friends at

Here’s the Dirt on the International Year of Soils

The International Year of Soils is coming to a close. Though you wouldn’t know it from the Food and Agriculture Organization’s dirt-poor marketing campaign, there are rich possibilities for investing in soil health. “Let’s Talk About Soil,” a recent report from the PYMWYMIC investor community in the Netherlands shines a light on several opportunities to invest in soil

Where’s the Beef? In Brazil, An Investment in Sustainable Cattle

Brazil’s cattle industry has been targeted as a major contributor to deforestation and climate change. A project to restore the Amazon rainforest through new cattle ranching techniques aims to provide a counter-example. The Althelia Climate Fund, based in Luxembourg, has committed €11.5 million to Novo Campo, a pilot cattle ranching project in the Brazilian state of Mato

As Colorado River Runs Dry, Impact Investors Seek Water Solutions

The Colorado River, which supplies water to 35 million people and four million acres of irrigated agriculture across seven states (plus two in Mexico), is running dry after 15 years of drought. That’s both a problem and an opportunity for impact investors. A new report lays out a menu of approaches through which private capital