University of California breaks with Wells Fargo over values

The University of California is the latest to tell Wells Fargo it is taking its banking business elsewhere. UC canceled $475 million in business with the bank, including a $300 million line of credit. The university was under pressure from the Afrikan Black Coalition over Wells Fargo’s investments in private prisons, but a university spokesman said

Disrupt Carbon: Shift to Electric Vehicles and Solar Power Speeds the End of the Oil Era

Climate Finance Students of disruptive innovation over the last several decades will recognize the pattern. Solar panels and electric cars, once derided as fringe products for niche markets, are marching to dominance. The end of oil will come sooner than we think. And sooner than the oil companies admit, at least publicly. Solar energy could supply

Companies that design for Africa have a headstart on the future

The Brookings Institution’s Foresight Africa 2017 could be a blueprint for global growth and inclusive prosperity: access to financing, job creation and skill development, tech innovation and democratization, smart urbanization, climate action and good governance. Africa is leading the way with mobile and energy technologies that are leapfrogging traditional grids and broad access to financial

Don’t mention climate. For Midwest farmers, it’s the economy, stupid

Save the climate change talk for the politicians. U.S. farmers already dealing with erosion and shrinking aquifers are embracing farming techniques that fight soil erosion and conserve water. No-till farming is nothing new; it can reduce the nearly two billion tons of annual topsoil runoff that causes billions of dollars in losses. Instead of carbon emissions,

Chugach Alaska, New Forests and Nature Conservancy strike forest-carbon deal

The Dakota Access oil pipeline dispute set Native Americans against fossil-fuel interests. In contrast, the Chugach Alaska Corp. has struck a deal to generate income for indigenous people by keeping coal in the ground and managing timber sustainably. Chugach will sell its coal rights along the Bering River to New Forests, which will give them

Investor demand makes France’s Green OAT the largest green bond ever

Climate Finance The French government raised $7.5 billion, more than double its planned $3.2 billion, on a 2039 bond to fund energy efficiency, solar roads, biodiversity protection and renewable energy research. The 1.75 percent, 22-year “Obligation assimilable du Tresor” is one of the longest green bonds ever issued (the World Bank issued a 30-year, €30

Will oil riches finance the clean-energy transition?

Climate Finance Saudi Aramco, the Saudi state oil company and the world’s largest company, is seeking $5 billion in renewable energy deals as part of its $50 billion commitment to get 30 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2030. That kind of mandate has banks like HSBC, JPMorgan Chase and Credit Suisse eager to