Asian Development Bank invested $3.7 billion in 2016 to meet climate goals

Climate Finance The ADB’s investment in climate finance represented a 42 percent jump from 2015. A number of its projects focus on under-developed, high climate-risk areas like the Cook Islands. The bank has pledged to invest $6 billion by 2020. Two-thirds of the funding targets climate mitigation, one-third on adaptation. The bank tapped $701 million in outside

Unlocking a $23 trillion investment opportunity in climate action

Government commitments to reduce carbon emissions represent a huge opportunity for public and private investors. The World Bank’s International Finance Corporation projects a $23 trillion investment opportunity between now and 2030 in just 21 emerging market economies if these countries deliver on their national climate commitments made as part of the global climate agreement. For

Can Europe go coal-free?

By 2030, solar and wind power will be the cheapest source of new electricity in most parts of the world, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. But wide adoption of renewables for new generation won’t be enough. To keep temperature from rising more than 2-degrees Celsius — the goal of global climate accord reached in Paris — Europe needs

Helios Exchange streamlines financing of energy efficiency retrofits

Climate Finance U.S. buildings contribute 40 percent of the country’s energy use and carbon emissions. But the complexity and upfront costs of efficiency retrofits have left 70 percent of the building stock unimproved. The Helios Exchange claims to be the “world’s first commercial real estate platform for energy retrofit project development, insurance and financing.” The

Italy moves to catch up to France in green bonds

Climate Finance A recent study of how to spur private investment in environmental and climate change initiatives recommended Italy establish a national green bond development committee. Green bonds hit a record high in 2016, rising to $81 billion, and France just issued its first green bond — the largest ever, owing to strong investor interest. “Strengthening the

South African firm stakes $37 million on new fund for renewables and women-owned businesses

Women Rising South African firm stakes $37 million on new fund for renewables and women-owned businesses Sekunjalo Investment Group in Cape Town hopes to raise two billion rand ($150 million) to spur South Africa’s impact investment sector. Sekunjalo is seeding a new fund with 500 million rand ($37 million) of its own capital to attract

U.S. market tips toward cleaner energy

Climate Finance The US will soon be mostly powered by renewables and natural gas. Already, half of the US energy needs are being met by renewables (15 percent) and natural gas (34 percent) energy. That represents a 12 percentage-point increase in the last five years, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s annual Sustainable Energy in America report.