The economics of mobile money

The business case for bringing two billion more people and 200 million small businesses in emerging markets into the formal financial system through digital financial products and services is becoming familiar: New loan volume could top $2.1 trillion annually. Annual balance sheets of banks, mobile network operators, and other third-party providers of mobile money services

New financing facilities blend capital to meet the 2030 Global Goals

As we say at ImpactAlpha: to get to the trillions needed to bridge the gap in funding for the Sustainable Development Goals, you first need to get to the billions. Early efforts to do just that are showing promise. A tally last year put total funds mobilized by 187 blended finance deals since the early eighties

Global Canopy launches tool for corporate supply chain risk

You’ve heard of the Task Force for Climate-Related Disclosures, the climate-risk accounting bible developed by a commission led by Michael Bloomberg and the Bank of England’s Mark Carney (if not, see this and this and this). Now comes the Soft Commodity Risk Platform, or SCRIPT, from Global Canopy, WWF and Ceres. Soft commodities typically refer to agricultural

Mobilizing billions, then trillions, for climate solutions and energy access

New commitments from the Green Climate Fund pushed the total capital mobilized by the Climate Finance Lab above the $1 billion mark. Among the funded projects was the expansion of Energy Savings Insurance to Paraguay and Argentina. The insurance scheme, incubated by the Climate Finance Lab in 2015, insures the financial performance of energy-efficiency projects in

Tech pundits take on the bugs in the market system

NewCo’s Shift Forum in San Francisco has become a place for policy and even political discussions that are outside the bounds of most tech conferences. This year’s conference was no exception as speakers took on the prevailing notion that the replacement of workers with automation is an inevitable outcome of technological progress. “The fundamental question

Restoring forests is investable

More than three dozen governments around the world have committed to restoring more than 150 million hectares of land by 2020. That’s an area bigger than South Africa. By 2030, that commitment rises to 350 million hectares. The commitments are long overdue. More than a third of agricultural landscapes are considered degraded. Forests are losing

Overheard at the Latin America Impact Investing Forum

Discussions at the eighth Foro Latinoamericano de Inversión de Impacto in Mérida, Mexico are revolved around not why or what or when, but how. Here are some highlights: Impact investment need not be pure. There are steps on the path towards impact, says Andrea Armeni of Transform Finance and Aner Ben-Ami of Candide Group. BlackRock’s