Agents of Impact Call No. 10: Calling trends and scooping ideas in ImpactAlpha’s newsroom (audio)

ImpactAlpha, April 14 – Don’t refer to conventional finance as ‘mainstream,’ ImpactAlpha’s David Bank said on The Call earlier this month. Call it ‘legacy finance’ in the same way the tech community refers to ‘legacy’ computer systems that are outdated but still in use. That was one takeaway from The Call No. 10, which took ImpactAlpha

Goldman Sachs’ Hugh Lawson on how climate change is changing asset management (podcast)

  • In the latest episode of ImpactAlpha’s Returns on Investment podcast, David Bank dug in with Lawson about how greater investor urgency around climate, and confidence in low-carbon investment strategies, is changing investing (or isn’t).

Blue Haven Initiative: Wealthy families have the flexibility to drive impact across their portfolios (podcast)

  • “The role of the impact investor is to take a step back and say, "What's the thing you're trying to accomplish? What's the best way to scale that impact?” Liesel Pritzker Simmons told ImpactAlpha’s David Bank for the seventh and final episode of our Beyond Trade-offs series. “Sometimes it's through market rate investing. And sometimes, it absolutely is not."