Prudential Financial: An 80/20 rule helps an institutional investor manage its risks, returns and impact (podcast)

  • In Episode Three, Prudential's Ommeed Sathe discusses how the insurance giant is incorporating impact strategies within the norms and constraints faced by institutional investors.

Goldman Sachs: Big investors press asset managers to integrate ‘ESG’ and impact across portfolios (podcast)

  • In the second episode of the “Beyond Trade-offs” podcast series, Goldman Sachs’ John Goldstein charts the development of “risk-return-impact” frameworks that meet the needs of institutional investors.

Beyond Trade-offs: How leading commercial and catalytic investors are managing for impact, risks and returns (podcast)

  • In The Land Beyond Trade-offs... investors know their own objectives for social and environmental impact, and craft investment strategies and portfolios that fit their unique appetites for risks and returns.

Impact investors start to make stodgy municipal bonds sexy (podcast)

  • Hidden inside the $3.8 trillion market for U.S. municipal bonds are mispriced social and environmental risks, untapped value and a whole lot of potential for on-the-ground impact in historically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Is it impact investing when billionaires buy newspapers and news magazines? (podcast)

 When Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff paid $190 million for Time magazine last year, he told interviewers, “One of the things that really matters to me is having a positive global impact.” Are newspapers and newsmagazines “impact investments”? And are the billionaires who buy them making a positive impact? The roundtable regulars take up the