Pain Killers: How can impact investors help stop the opioid addiction epidemic?

  • The U.S. opioid epidemic... may have snuck up over the past decade, but there’s no escaping the costs of the crisis now.
  • Slow to act... Action has been slow to mobilize on the front of positive impact to reverse the epidemic. Investors, and many others, can be overwhelmed by large, complex problems.
  • Calling all solutions... The floor is open for both practical and innovative approaches to reducing the burden of addiction.

Should impact entrepreneurs beware the strategic corporate investor? (podcast)

  • It's a thing... Corporate venture capital is a thing. And that thing is converging on impact investing.
  • Latest ROI podcast... Our roundtable on ImpactAlpha’s Returns on Investment podcast took up the topic; have a listen as the journalists in the bunch turn the tables on the corporate impact investor in our midst.

Institutional investors come for the risk reduction, stay for the impact (podcast)

  • Pension and sovereign funds... are showing strong and growing interest in impact themes of climate risk, resources risk and social risk.
  • The play... They're "looking for strategies that take advantage of sustainability-oriented themes or threats, and allow them to play that strategy.” –– Dave Chen, the head of Equilibrium Capital

Demystifying impact investing for newcomers — and the rest of us (podcast)

There’s a lot of confusion around the term “impact investing.” A recent panel discussion in New York tried to clear it up. The fintech company Liquidnet hosted the panel,“Demystifying Impact Investing,” at its New York offices, in collaboration with the Tristate Area Africa Funders Network. Brian Trelstad of Bridges Fund Management set the stage, explaining

Gender equity is not only the smart thing, it’s the right thing, to invest in (podcast)

It should come as no surprise to regular listeners of ImpactAlpha’s Returns on Investment podcasts that Imogen Rose-Smith doesn’t think much of the slew of research studies and white papers released each year in time for International Women’s Day every year. “Lazy,” “simplistic” and “bullshit” are a few of her more mild reactions. “To

The California Model: Inclusivity and shared prosperity or exclusivity and inequality? (podcast)

Take a look toward the future, and often California is already there. But when it comes to innovation hubs as drivers of job creation and shared wealth, is California the model America’s second- and third-tier cities really want to follow? “You’re finding germs of California happening in lots of places,” says ImpactAlpha’s David Bank, a