Is it impact investing when billionaires buy newspapers and news magazines? (podcast)

 When Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff paid $190 million for Time magazine last year, he told interviewers, “One of the things that really matters to me is having a positive global impact.” Are newspapers and newsmagazines “impact investments”? And are the billionaires who buy them making a positive impact? The roundtable regulars take up the

No need to wait for Washington to mobilize around a ‘Green New Deal’ (podcast)

  • The kinds of financing mechanisms in the Green New Deal proposal – to mobilize capital, apportion risks, protect stakeholders and ensure accountability – have been built by elements of the impact investing industry in recent decades, he said.

Risky Business: Corporations need market signals to reduce climate risks (podcast)

  • Major companies are starting to face up to the very practical implications of climate change.
  • The latest episode of ImpactAlpha’s Returns on Investment podcast explores the connection between such risks and the mobilization of investment to address them.

Institutional Shift: Climate risk hits the market and other impact investing trends to watch in 2019 (podcast)

  • This is the year impact investing gets real. Really. That's the thread connecting a half-dozen or so forecasts from Equilibrium Capital's Dave Chen, who returned to ImpactAlpha's Returns on Investment podcast for a New Year's check-in on the progress of the "institutional shift" in impact investing.