Wharton: Great Expectations for Financial Returns, but Questions About Mission Preservation

Impact is in the eye of the beholder, or at least in the eye of the fund manager. A new study on the financial performance of private equity impact investments provides fresh data that suggests at least some segments are indeed delivering “market-rate” returns. Moreover, the report, “Great Expectations: Mission Preservation and Financial Performance in Impact Investments,” from the

Where’s the Beef? In Brazil, An Investment in Sustainable Cattle

Brazil’s cattle industry has been targeted as a major contributor to deforestation and climate change. A project to restore the Amazon rainforest through new cattle ranching techniques aims to provide a counter-example. The Althelia Climate Fund, based in Luxembourg, has committed €11.5 million to Novo Campo, a pilot cattle ranching project in the Brazilian state of Mato

A Soil Fund to Sequester Carbon, and Other Items from SOCAP

We’re digging out after four busy days at last week’s SOCAP, the Social Capital Markets conference and found a few more highlight: Manufactured fertilizers, animal feedlots and industrial agriculture drive carbon. Industrial agriculture degrades the oceans through excessive runoff of topsoil from fields and the associated chemical pollution from petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides. Carbon-sequestration warriors like Estancia

Clean Clothes: Driving Impact With Sustainable Supply Chains

Apparel is a trillion-dollar industry with complex global linkages for supplies, production and distribution, employing tens of millions worldwide. It’s also a source of chemical pollution of water and land, human rights abuses and untraceable supplies. Case in point, the Rana Plaza disaster of 2013. Consumers are waking up. Consumers know that the products they consume or wear do

Impact Inventing is a Thing, and Other Highlights from SOCAP

The Blue Angels “disrupted” the SOCAP, the Social Capital Markets conference, but not enough to chill the animated conversations and discussions. A few highlights from Thursday: “Impact Inventing” is a thing. The term is what the Lemelson Foundation uses to describe using invention to solve the world’s toughest problems. But invention-based enterprises face unique challenges including lack

Blue Angels Disrupt SOCAP: ImpactAlpha’s Exclusive “Interview”

Deep in discussions about capital markets and social impact, investors and entrepreneurs at this year’s SOCAP conference were joined by special guests, the Navy’s Blue Angels. I caught up with these hotshot flyboys to get their take: ImpactAlpha – Thank you for agreeing to this interview. It’s an honor.  BlueAngels – No trouble at all. It’s

Heard on the Waterfront: Some Takeaways from a Day at SOCAP

ImpactAlpha reporters are fanning out across SOCAP, the Social Capital Markets conference, to catch conversations on sustainability in the supply chain for apparel, healthy food financing, fintech, conservation finance, and yes, the state of impact investing. Here’s some of what they  have picked up: Mainstream investors are beginning to see impact investing as a diversification strategy.