Financing Fish


ImpactAlpha’s Financing Fish follows investors and entrepreneurs seeking opportunity in the $390 billion seafood industry as increasing global demand and declining wild stocks gives rise to innovative new approaches in sustainable harvesting, supply chain management, aquaculture and aquaponics, traceability, marketing and finance.

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Driving the Money Out of ‘Mystery Fish’

The seafood industry has the ability to trace the journey of a fish from ocean to dinner plate. But does it have the stomach to make the necessary changes? A Sustainable Seafood Industry Lab in San Francisco this week explored ways to trace the...

Sustainable Fish: Luxury or Necessity?

Among the glimpses I got of the changing seafood industry this month on a family visit to Deer Isle, Maine: working waterfronts, fish farms and climate change. Maine's waters are among the fastest-warming in the world. The impact on fisheries is...

How Much Would You Pay for a Can of Tuna?

For decades, the five-ounce can of tuna fish has been the 99¢ pantry essential that U.S. families turned to for a quick sandwich or last-minute meal. Now, a new crew of tuna distributors, including Wild Planet, American Tuna and Ocean Naturals, is...