The Impact Alpha: The climate-finance tipping point is here, and other blue-sky thinking

  • Clean trillion...With clean energy increasingly outcompeting fossil-fuel projects around the world, it’s not only feasible but achievable to reach the $1 trillion in additional clean energy investment needed every year to keep global temperature rise below two-degrees Celsius.

The Impact Alpha: Big new private-equity funds are on the hook to deliver impact outperformance

  • End of an era... Impact-washing no longer serves a purpose.
  • Marketing isn't enough... If impact and ESG point to long-term outperformance and/or reduced risks, then it follows that you can’t just fake it through marketing.
  • Not just more capital... The additionality we need is in the total volume of goodness in the world. That is delivered by the enterprises, not the investors.

The Impact Alpha: Prudence, materiality and impact in the Trump era

  • Not just another swing of the pendulum ... The latest Labor Department guidance on on ESG considerations for investors queues up the right question.
  • Duty bound... If ESG factors are material to long-term financial performance, prudent pension-fund fiduciaries have to consider them.
  • Game on... David Bank tackles "Prudence, materiality and impact in the Trump era" in his column this week.