Webinar 4/18: How can impact investors combat wage stagnation and income inequality?

Webinar 4/18: How can impact investors combat wage stagnation and income inequality? Economic inequality creates social and political unrest. It also creates long-term systemic risk for investors. How can available investment strategies address inequities based on age, race, gender and geography? Learn about investing to address income inequality in a complimentary one-hour webinar on April

Neglected No More: Nudging Biotech Startups to Tackle Diseases of the Developing World

It was a game of cat and mouse — a very special mouse. The mus musculus in question was a transgenic laboratory mouse that researchers coveted for its human-like immune-system response. The cat was the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which after several unsuccessful attempts was determined to secure a supply of the mice to advance research

Tough Love: How a Dose of Banking Discipline Strengthened Financing for Smallholder Farmers

In more than a decade as a lender to small farmers and agricultural co-ops in Africa and Latin America, Root Capital has gained a reputation as an effective organization that has delivered genuine impact in a tough sector. In 2012, however, Root hit a speed bump. It was just a temporary breach of a technical

Guaranteed Impact: How the Gates Foundation Cut Prices and Boosted Access to Contraceptives

Melinda Gates was in London four years ago to help launch a global campaign. The audacious 2020 goal: to reach more than half of the estimated 225 million women worldwide who want to avoid pregnancy, yet are not using modern contraceptives. “We must continue to help our partners provide affordable contraceptives at the necessary scale

Making Markets Work for the Poor: How the Gates Foundation Uses Program-Related Investments

A new kind of strategic investor is sniffing around promising startups and innovative entrepreneurs. These strategists are not corporate suits seeking a competitive edge. They are officers of private foundations looking for scientific breakthroughs on neglected diseases, technologies that can be steered toward disadvantaged populations and financing models that harness the power of markets for

Making Markets Work for the Poor: The Role of Gates Foundation and Neglected Diseases in Pfizer’s $5.2 Billion Buyout of Anacor

This week’s press release from Pfizer Inc. announcing its purchase of Anacor Pharmaceuticals Inc. emphasized the Palo Alto biotech company’s forthcoming drug for eczema and noted its promising treatment for toenail fungus. There was no mention of Anacor’s work on tuberculosis, river blindness, or lymphatic filariasis, commonly known as elephantiasis. But Anacor’s research into those diseases,