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Making Conservation Finance Investable

The continuing disappearance of Earth’s last healthy ecosystems, on land and in the oceans, is sadly no longer news. What is news is that saving these ecosystems is affordable and even profitable. An investor-driven approach to conservation finance has the potential to preserve these vital areas, and with them the planet’s natural capital stock of

Mainstreaming Impact Investment Products and Services

Impact investing will struggle to gain scale and relevance without both the participation of mainstream capital markets and investment professionals and the expansion into more traditional and non-private financial products. A key step is to increase awareness by educating financial advisors and capital markets intermediaries about the opportunities for their clients in the impact investing

Where in the Hype Cycle is Impact Investing?

Emerging technologies follow a path to market adoption so well worn that it is known simply as “the hype cycle.” A hot new product category reaches the “peak of inflated expectations” only to inevitably crash in the “trough of disillusionment.” After a reset, the survivors climb the “slope of enlightenment” to the “plateau of productivity.”

Q & A with Morgan Stanley: Clients Demand Impact Investment Options

Watch this space: Major financial institutions are starting to compete for clients who want to mobilize their capital for social and environmental solutions. (Updated with new comments from Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman below.) Morgan Stanley this month announced a five-year goal of $10 billion in client assets for its Investing with Impact platform, which

Impact Investment Performance: Tiptoeing Toward Transparency

The recent release of details about the performance of several impact investment portfolios and funds is another step toward answering the question more and more investors are asking: Is impact a boost — or a bust — in terms of financial returns? “Institutional investors aren’t going to move on impact until they get more data,”

From Margins to Mainstream: World Economic Forum Tackles Impact Investing

From the folks who brought us Davos comes a new report that cautiously concludes that impact investing is ready to break out from its niche and capture the imagination — and the assets — of mainstream institutional investors. The World Economic Forum used its access to senior decision-makers and portfolio managers of pension funds, insurance

Financing Sea Grass Restoration with Carbon Credits

Sea grass restoration helps halt erosion and arrest habitat loss. And sea grass meadows may also be one of best carbon investments around. That suggests an economic model for seagrass restoration projects and a win-win for the oceans – by sequestering carbon, seagrass may slow ocean acidification. The world’s seagrass meadows have declined significantly over