A Lucky Iron Fish in Every Pot: How a Canadian Social Enterprise is Fighting Iron Deficiency

The Lucky Iron Fish wasn’t always so cute. It began as an amorphous iron chunk. It was used as a paperweight, a door stop, anything other than its intended purpose—to be dropped in a cooking pot. But mold that lump of metal into a fish body, give it a smile, and you have an adorable

Net Gain: Bureo Collects Fishing Nets, Creates Skateboards, Fights Pollution

Ben Kneppers paused as he strolled around a music festival in Santiago, Chile. In front of him was a booth where local kids could repair damaged skateboards, making them ride-able again rather than throwing them away. Kneppers, an environmental consultant originally from Massachusetts, was impressed by the project. And as an avid boarder himself, he admired

Pelagic Data Systems: Filling a Data Gap in the Seafood Supply Chain

Where was the fish fillet on my dinner plate caught? Was it mishandled? Is this species endangered? Consumers increasingly want to know the story of their seafood. That has been a market barrier for small-scale fishermen and women, who make up 90 percent of the world’s fishing workforce. The data gaps begin as soon as a

The Parative Project: Kickstarting a T-Shirt Campaign Against Sex Trafficking

A t-shirt can send a message about sex trafficking. Drew Oxley thinks he can send an even stronger message by creating jobs and economic opportunity for former sex workers. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Cincinnatti entrepreneur will source The Parative Project’s t-shirts, tote bags and banners from India via the Aruna Project, which supports women rescued from India’s

eMoneyPool: Bringing #Fintech to a Centuries-Old Savings Tool

A cundina in Mexico. A chit fund in India. A sou sou in West African and Caribbean nations. Informal savings pools, around for centuries, are still the preferred savings tool of billions of low-income people around the world. Savings circles are common in another country with a large unbanked population as well — the United States. Phoenix-based

Equilibrium Capital: The Case for Owning and Operating Sustainable Real Assets

Equilibrium Capital isn’t just an investor in sustainable real assets. It’s an operator as well, growing blueberries and citrus, operating agricultural bio-digesters and generating energy efficiency. Dave Chen, Equilibrium’s CEO, has built a $1 billion asset management platform that combines on-the-ground experience with the financial discipline required by institutional investors. A former venture capitalist and tech executive,

This Woman May be the Most Successful Impact Angel Investor You’ve Never Heard Of

The February ribbon cutting for Gigawatt Global’s new $24 million solar field in Rwanda was an impact investment showcase. More than 28,000 solar panels, arranged in the shape of the African continent, added six percent to the entire country’s electricity production. Gigawatt Global, an American-owned Dutch company, completed the project in less than a year