Cathy Clark: Bridging the Pioneer Gap Between Good Idea and Investable Deal (Podcast)

You’ve heard it from impact investors: there just aren’t enough investable deals. And you’ve heard it from impact entrepreneurs: where’s the capital we need to get our business off the ground? In this Returns on Investment podcast from ImpactAlpha, Cathy Clark, director of Duke University’s Case Initiative on Impact Investing (Case i3), says the key to bridging

The New Flame: How Sistema Biobolsa Helps Farmers Turn Waste Into Energy (Podcast)

Tech innovation is not enough. Sistema Biobolsa, a social enterprise working in Mexico and Latin America, developed biodigester technology that helps farmers turn animal manure into cooking fuel and high-quality fertilizer. That reduces smoke from open fires, increases farm yields, keeps waste out of water sources and reduces greenhouse gases. But those benefits were not

Whither Impact Investment in a Global Economic Slowdown? (podcast)

The new year started with the worst stock market performance ever. As January ends, rising interest rates, falling commodity prices, devalued currencies and the slowdown in China confront investors with multiple challenges that are not likely to disappear anytime soon. In that context, is impact investment a promising new approach, or a soon-to-be-forgotten afterthought? Listen to the

Suzanne Biegel: How Investing with a Gender Lens Can Create a Powerful Women Effect (podcast)

I caught up recently with Suzanne for ImpactAlpha’s Returns on Investment podcast series. She explained there’s not a single gender lens, but rather multiple lenses. (Indeed, you can read more about them in ImpactAlpha’s Gender Lenses section.) Listen to ImpactAlpha’s interview with Suzanne Biegel in our Returns on Investment podcast. The first lens is women’s

After Paris: How Can Impact Investors Play the New Carbon Economy? (podcast)

Climate-change deniers seem to be shifting from “It’s not real,” to “It’s too late,” as suggested by a recent Wall Street Journal editorial. But even the Journal allowed “What will help is human invention and the entrepreneurial spirit.” So can’t we all just get on with meeting the trillion-dollar challenge and seizing the opportunities for a

Debating Mark Zuckerberg’s Bold Bet on an Un-Foundation (podcast)

A couple announcing the creation of a new legal structure a week after the birth of their first child usually does not draw global headlines. But the launch of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, LLC, continues to reverberate. In this week’s Returns on Investment Podcast*, I am joined by Imogen Rose-Smith, senior writer at Institutional Investor,

DBL Partners’ Nancy Pfund: Spotting the Next Tesla and Solar City (podcast)

When Nancy Pfund‘s DBL Partners recently closed its $400 million third fund, ImpactAlpha wrote, “Want to spot the next Tesla? Watch DBL Partners.” In her podcast interview with ImpactAlpha, Pfund discusses new investments from Tanzania (Off Grid Electric) to San Francisco (Advanced Microgrid Solutions). Hint: Lyndon Rive, CEO of SolarCity, is on the board of