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Tugende: Financing Uganda’s Boda Bodas to Boost Drivers’ Livelihoods (Podcast)

Michael Wilkerson was a summer intern at The Daily Monitor, the largest privately owned newspaper in Uganda, when he first learned the value of a good boda boda driver. He befriended a young motorcycle driver named Mehdi, who did more than get Wilkerson through Kampala’s notorious traffic jams. “He can get anything done,” Wilkerson recounts in this week’s

The Tribes of Impact Investing, the Big Tent and Getting Real About #SOCAP16 (Podcast)

SOCAP: the place where the citizens of Impact Land gather to discuss … what exactly? And who are these people, anyway? This week on Returns on Investment our roving panelists deconstruct the annual Social Capital Markets conference, scene of a thousand meetings, hundreds of panels and dozens of parties. This week’s episode brought our three regulars

How Bringing Animals Into Impact Investing Can Help People, Too (Podcast)

The preamble to the global Sustainable Development Goals envisions a world “in which humanity lives in harmony with nature and in which wildlife and other living species are protected.” In practice, however, economic development – and impact investing – has tended to prioritize humans over animals. In this episode of the Returns on Investment podcast,

‘Brexit’ Lays Down Challenge for Impact Investors: Can Inclusive Capitalism Work for All?

A tide of nativism has risen to resist the forces of globalization. In America, it’s encapsulated in the ascendence of Donald J. Trump. In Britain, it manifested itself in the vote for ‘Brexit,’ presaging the UK’s exit from the European Union. This week on the Returns on Investment podcast, our resident experts explore what this retrenchment means for social-impact investing.

Returns on Investment: Highlights of ImpactAlpha’s Podcast Series

Spotting the next Tesla. Mobilizing foundation endowments. Bridging the “pioneer gap.” And looking around the corner as billions, and eventually trillions, of dollars of institutional capital shift toward positive social and environmental impact. Over the past nine months the Returns on Investment team has been exploring how impact happens. We’ve interviewed investors and entrepreneurs like

Will Millennials Lead an Intergenerational Transfer of Attitudes? And are Donald Trump’s Golf Courses Impact Investments? (Podcast)

Millennials. They’ve surpassed baby boomers as the largest generation in American history. A plurality of them live with their parents. They’re more diverse, yet less religious. They make less money, and hold more debt. And in the next couple of decades, more than $30 trillion dollars in assets is expected to change hands in the so-called “intergenerational

Artists as Social Entrepreneurs: With UpStart Co-Lab, Laura Callanan Brings Creativity to Impact Investing (Podcast)

Artists may be the original social entrepreneurs. The arts are often thought of as entertainment or culture. Less appreciated is the role artists have long played in social change and community revitalization. That should make them especially attractive to impact investors, says Laura Callanan, ImpactAlpha’s guest on this week’s ROI podcast. Callanan has just launched Upstart Co-Lab to provide opportunities,