Base of the Pyramid

ImpactAlpha’s Base of the Pyramid speaks to the issues of underserved markets and the low-income strata that are often the target markets that impact investors want to reach. Those living at the base have limited access to income generating opportunities, goods or services. The benefits of impact investments to the base of the pyramid can be great — leading to catalytic change, or sometimes no results at all. The analysis cannot be ignored.

We ask questions regarding the base of the pyramid — who are the beneficiaries — and what happens when investors focus on this group? Feel-good stories of investing successes are controversial, in part, because it can be nearly impossible to gauge the efficacy of these ventures. ImpactAlpha takes a closer look at the businesses, nonprofits and others who seek to influence the base of the pyramid.

Everyday Africa: Finding the Human Story

Bill Gates published his first blog of the new year yesterday: Five Reasons I’m Hopeful about Africa. Much of it was typical Gates. Global in scope. Optimistic. Science (hybrid cassava seeds) and technology (solar kits) based. But the first reason...