Good Business

Daimler joins Europe’s green bond parade

ImpactAlpha, September 8 – German automaker Daimler has issued a €1 billion ($1.2 billion), 10-year bond to transition to clean cars. Daimler’s bond

Creating the new plastics economy

More than 320 million tons of plastic is produced annually, much of which ends up in oceans or landfill. Production is expected to

Impact washing in the desert

ImpactAlpha, Oct. 29 – The controversial Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia gets underway today. The secret agenda (until yesterday) of the Saudi

B Corps to CEOs: Get to work

ImpactAlpha, Aug. 26 – CEOs of Ben & Jerry’s, Danone, Sundial Brands, and 30 other certified “B Corps” called in a full-page ad in

Moody’s snaps up second ESG data company

ImpactAlpha, July 29 – Credit ratings and research firm Moody’s has acquired a majority stake in climate risk analytics company Four Twenty Seven. Four

Making ESG matter

ImpactAlpha, July 23 – The goal seems straightforward enough: assess and compare how companies use natural, human and financial capital to provide their