South-to-south finance on the rise

Climate Finance India’s ambitious energy plans don’t stop at its own borders. The Asian country is investing heavily in African energy expansion as well.

Where the American Dream lives on

“Prosperous rural areas predominantly in the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains are the country’s most powerful areas of upward mobility,” according to the

More tools for ‘SDG investing’

The Netherlands is becoming a leader in the movement toward investing around the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (see “European Pension Funds Tilt Capital

Can artificial intelligence help Johnny learn?

“Quality education will always require active engagement by human teacher,” write researchers from the Stanford One Hundred Study on Artificial Intelligence. But artificial

Overheard at the Near Future Summit

ImpactAlpha’s Zuleyma Bebell joined Kimbal Musk, comedian/activist Fran Drescher and the folks from Obvious Ventures this week at the Near Future Summit, the