Agents of Impact

Josu Jon Imaz

Josu Jon Imaz, Repsol

ImpactAlpha, Dec. 13 – It was the write-down heard around the world. It was the write-down heard ‘round the world. Spanish energy company Repsol

Mark Campanale, Carbon Tracker Initiative

ImpactAlpha, Dec. 6 – The risk that fossil fuel investments will become ‘stranded assets’ went from fringe thesis to mainstream preoccupation in what must

Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes, Aruwa Capital Management

ImpactAlpha, Nov. 15 – One early deal stands out in Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes’ accomplished but traditional career in finance: Quality Chemicals. The Ugandan pharmaceutical

The Popular Uprisers

Impact Alpha, Nov. 31 – Social protests are spreading across the globe. The protests, from Santiago to Beirut, are sparked by local grievances:

Nuveen’s Vijay Advani

ImpactAlpha, Oct. 4 – The $1 trillion asset-management arm of TIAA is the world’s largest farmland owner and an increasingly visible impact investor. “You

Mark Carney, Bank of England

ImpactAlpha, Sept. 27 – Wanted: A new central banker to accelerate Carney’s efforts to put climate risk and income inequality at the center of

Climate Agents

ImpactAlpha, Sept, 20 – ImpactAlpha ‘Agents of Impacts’ are deploying bottom-up and top-down strategies to force action on climate. On Friday, teenage activist Greta Thunberg

Laura Callanan of Upstart Co-Lab

ImpactAlpha, September 13 – Laura Callanan was President Obama’s senior deputy chair for the National Endowment for the Arts, but it was only after she

Tahira Dosani of Accion Venture Lab

ImpactAlpha, Sept. 6 – Fintech is having a moment in venture capital circles—a $36 billion moment. And even though most of that venture

Derrick Morgan of KNGDM Impact Fund

ImpactAlpha, Aug. 30 – Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck wasn’t the first NFL veteran to step away from football on his own terms this