First the sun, now the wind

China is already the world’s largest producer of solar energy. By 2022, it will also become the world’s offshore wind leader, according to

Made in China, by robots

Two years ago, China laid out its ambitious “Made in China 2025” plan to shift from low-value to high-value manufacturing, including electric cars,

China’s fossil fuel-free car future

China, the world’s largest car market with over 25.5 million cars and light vehicles sold in 2016, has signaled an end to production

Dark Shadows

The rumblings of a trade war with China sent us looking for scenarios for how things may play out by, say, 2030. A particularly

Is meat the next fossil fuel?

China’s nearly 1.4 billion people consume one-quarter of the world’s meat supply. By 2030, consumer spending in China’s lowest-tier cities alone is expected to