Knocking down persistent myths about impact investing

  • It’s time… To update impact investing’s narrative to dispel myths that are holding back the field.
  • Choice is… A strength for impact investing. No single social investing strategy will work for everyone.
  • Measurement is… Necessary. We have work to do on standardization, but it’s time to stop pretending there are no frameworks.
  • Capital matters… But so do field builders, research and platforms. We have to expand impact investing’s knowledge base.

The Path Forward for Impact Investing in the Trump Presidency

How will impact investing fare in the Trump administration? I’m not the first, and undoubtedly won’t be the last, to write about this. Erika Karp at Cornerstone Capital wrote a letter to her investors after the 2016 election and Stephanie Cohn Rupp and Ron Albahary penned a thoughtful and tactical piece last December on the