Philadelphia’s poised for another championship: Civic revival and inclusive prosperity

Daryn Dodson: Tackling investors’ racial and gender biases to unlock hidden value

  • New Revivalist: Daryn Dodson, managing director of Illumen Capital
  • Place: Washington DC
  • Mission: Daryn Dodson and Illumen Capital are on a mission to reduce implicit investor biases by training fund managers to overcome implicit biases and find hidden value.

Derrick Braziel: Breaking down barriers for Cincinnati’s entrepreneurs of color

  • New Revivalist: Derrick Braziel, co-founder and managing director of MORTAR, a business accelerator for local entrepreneurs of color.
  • Place: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Mission: “We started MORTAR to connect people with ideas to resources, to create pathways to wealth and to pass that wealth on to future generations.”

Philadelphia rings the bell on a 21st-century revival

Almost 250 years ago, Philadelphia incubated a world-changing startup: the United States of America. The rest is, well…history. Now, Philadelphia is incubating a locally-driven, 21st century revival that could become a model for other post-industrial U.S. cities. The city finds itself rising on national lists: Leading startup city. Next in tech city. Top cities for social