SOCAP’s Best-Dressed look back from 2030: What changed the world?

  • SOCAP's “Best Dressed” is back. Impact is in fashion, and ImpactAlpha contributor Maura Dilly and photographer Kelly Pendergrast prowled Ft. Mason to capture the looks of SOCAP18. They asked SOCAP’s best-dressed to look back from 2030 and say what changed the world for the better.

How 17 of the best-dressed people at SOCAP would invest $1 million for impact

“I’d invest $1 million in grazing land and bison to enjoy it.” — Jonathan Gans, Montana Bison. “I’d invest $1 million in any social impact work transforming that within ourselves which is a manifestation of the inequality we see in the social world.” — Sonya Taylor, The Body is Not An Apology, @RadicalBodyLove “I’d invest $1 million in #EastSide communities.” — Stephen

Investing in the Value of Eliminating Food Waste

More than $200 million is lost to food waste every year. Spoiled, unwanted, imperfect food that businesses pay to grow, package, transport, refrigerate and throw-away uneaten. American agriculturalists are shifting from paying to manage waste to saving money eliminating waste such as developing “co-products” and circular products from material that was once fodder landfill. How

Fish Forever: Manila Hotels Put Sustainable Seafood and Local Livelihoods on the Menu

News traveled fast in Antique, Philippines, when some fishermen and women started earning up to 25 percent more than current market prices. “Word got out and fishermen from neighboring municipalities were coming around asking how they can get in the game,” says Dale Galvin, one of the architects of Fish Forever, a new initiative aimed at

Encourage Capital: Six Blueprints for Financing Sustainable Fisheries

Investors can earn double-digit returns while simultaneously helping to restore and protect global seafood supply, according to first-of-its-kind market research by Encourage Capital. Investors got a sneak peek at the research last autumn, as reported by Impact Alpha. Now the report is out in full and it features six blueprints for investing in profitable fisheries with social and environmental

P.T Bali Seafood: Netting Fresh Fish through Community Investment in Indonesia

Reliable sources of fresh, high-quality fish are the key to P.T. Bali Seafood International’s business. So processing fish closer to where fish are caught makes sense. Access to better fish and use of better technology means Bali Seafood can pay fishermen more. And more money lets the fishermen improve their fishing gear and manage their quotas, making their wild capture