Cheap puns, terrible quotes, little regard for the truth: Brief Quiz №26 is all in

Some folks have brief careers as Communications Directors. Some folks write the Brief Quiz. Not sure which is the better joke. Count your blessings, watch your language, and take the Brief Quiz №26. Get The Brief, ImpactAlpha’s daily newsletter 1. The GIIN has a question. What is it? a. What’s for dinner?b. Did you report all your

From Rwanda to Cancun via Peterborough: The Brief Quiz №25 is all over the map

This week we learned that the US military spends $41.6 million a year on Viagra. Let’s leave it at that. Take the Brief Quiz №25. Get The Brief, ImpactAlpha’s daily newsletter. 1. What did we learn about the world’s first social impact bond in Peterborough? a. Technically, it was never a bond.b. Renaissance historians claimed it

The Brief Quiz №24 — The Numbers Issue

This week a vote was scheduled then postponed then canceled then scheduled then canceled then postponed…we think. Are you keeping count? We hope so, because this is the Numbers issue of The Brief Quiz, № 24 to be exact. Get The Brief, ImpactAlpha’s daily newsletter. 1. As of today, how many days are left to meet

Deadline 2030: Less than 5,000 days (and counting) to meet global goals

It’s been all-Sustainable Development Goals, all week on the banks of the East River. Tuesday, the so-called “private sector” was the star of the United Nations show, formally known as the High-Level Political Forum, a two-week session in which countries and agencies are to take stock of the progress toward the 2030 goals. Companies and investors

Brief Quiz №23: The mostly Darren Walker edition

America had its fun. This week it was fireworks time in France. Someone from America got to double-dip. Unfair! Get The Brief, ImpactAlpha’s daily newsletter. On that note, we take our quarters for the night. We wish you smooth sailing into the shallowest of weekend pursuits. Get The Brief, ImpactAlpha’s daily newsletter. Answers: 1a, 2d,

Christian Super charts a course for institutional impact investing

Christian Super is not stopping with its 10% allocation to impact investments, which is already impressive for an institutional investor. To the more than AU$100 million out of its $1.3 billion portfolio, the Australian pension fund has committed another $50 million. The kicker: the impact portfolio has exceeded performance benchmarks at a lower risk than other

Brief Quiz №22: Rockets, resilience and misplaced car keys

This week a country tested a missile to ward off enemies and a global organization launched a bond to fight pandemics. What if they, like, switched? Don’t get distracted by nuclear war. Test your Impact IQ with this week’s Brief Quiz. Get The Brief, ImpactAlpha’s daily newsletter. 1. IIX raised $8 million on the Singapore Stock