Greensleeves Care raises $41 million Retail Charity Bond to care for England’s elderly

Greensleeves Care has raised a $41 million Retail Charity Bond to care for England’s elderly. Greensleeves Care supports nearly 800 residents in 20 residential, dementia and nursing homes across England. The London-based charity raised the funds in less than a week through Allia, which helps charitable organizations raise unsecured debt through retail bonds listed on London

Budget Watch: Trump seeks to gut CDFI Fund that boosts investment in low-income communities

Taking the president’s “America First” budget as an expression of Trump’s priorities, it seems poor urban and rural communities don’t rank very high. The President’s budget calls for all but eliminating the Treasury Department’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, which makes loans to local banks and other institutions that invest in low-income communities (see, “#CDFIsInvest in

The future of large-scale battery storage deployments may have arrived

Climate Finance When Elon Musk promised to deliver 100-megawatts of battery power-storage in 100 days to South Australia — via Twitter — he disclosed for the first time Tesla’s pricing for its battery packs: $250 per kilowatt hour when deployed on a large scale (see, “Elon Musk may be on the hook for battery power in Australia”). At that

Airbnb attracts new hosts eager to house refugees

A year and half ago, Airbnb enlisted refugee housing guru Cameron Sinclair to help the company connect some of the world’s 65 million displaced persons with short-term housing. Last month, more than 16,000 people responded to Airbnb’s Super Bowl ad, #WeAccept, and offered to shared their homes with displaced persons. Get this: 40 percent of

Overheard at the Near Future Summit

ImpactAlpha’s Zuleyma Bebell joined Kimbal Musk, comedian/activist Fran Drescher and the folks from Obvious Ventures this week at the Near Future Summit, the invite-only bash in La Jolla, Calif., hosted by Zem Joaquin, founder of Bebell sipped decades-old-tea with a tea master, ate algae-based shrimp and dined on sustainable seafood, all the while keeping

Motif offers refunds if its impact robo-advisors underperform

Motif Investing’s “impact portfolios” use automated algorithms to help retail investors align their stock market picks and their values. The three portfolios include companies leading on environmental sustainability, fair labor practices and good corporate behavior, based on ESG (environment, social, governance) data from MSCI. Motif’s research showed values matter to eight in 10 Americans making investment decisions.

Malaysia shares savings with backers of investments that benefit marginalized communities

Malaysia will share savings with backers of investments that benefit marginalized communities. The government’s RM3 million ($675,000) Social Outcomes Fund is intended to catalyze impact investing in Malaysia by reimbursing investors whose investments measurably help marginalized communities. To be eligible for payouts, impact investments from philanthropic and commercial investors must generate savings for the government