Introducing Agents of Impact. First up: Root Capital

The response to our call last week to ‘name your favorite impact investor’ demonstrated the breadth of the talent pool under the big tent of impact investing. Many respondents ducked the question because they couldn’t pick a single favorite; only a few nominees were named more than once. The responses spanned asset classes and geographies

UBS calls for “civic capital” to finance modern infrastructure

Transport, energy distribution, clean water and broadband access: infrastructure has broad (and bipartisan) appeal. The Swiss bank UBS wants to use that appeal to establish the concept of “civic capital.” With financing from a variety of public and private sources, the bank writes in a new report, the government can bring in new, and sometimes

The death of coral reefs signals massive economic losses

Climate Finance Worldwide, reefs support around 500 million people in 50 countries. A 2015 WWF report, “Reviving the Ocean Economy,” suggests the value of global coral reefs is more than $1 trillion, and it’s all at risk as coral reefs degenerate at an alarming pace. Off the coast of Queensland, Australia, rising sea temperatures have caused

Gas-powered Russia could (and should) double its share of renewables by 2030

2030 Russia is not known for its sunshine. Nor for its renewable energy supply (which is dominated by hydro). Russia’s energy strategy calls for less than 5% of it electricity needs to be met by renewables by 2030. Germany, by comparison, is aiming for 45% and the U.S for 20%. A new report from International Renewable

Vox Capital backs education startup to boost student performance in Brazil

Vox Capital has backed an education startup to boost student performance in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro-based Aondê has created a multimedia-teaching approach, called Conecturma, that combines books, games, cartoons, music and puppets into an interactive story to teach Portuguese, mathematics and social and emotional skills to youth. Conecturma is used in more than three dozen schools and

Inspirafarms raises $1.75 million to stem food waste on small farms

Inspirafarms has raised $1.75 million to stem food waste on small farms. The startup, based in Sevenoaks, U.K., designs and manufactures cold-storage and food-processing equipment that is modular and can work off-grid to help small agribusinesses reduce post-harvest losses due to pests, heat and exposure to the elements. With the equipment, a small-scale farming operation can

Oikocredit raises $2.1 million to finance SDG solutions

Oikocredit has raised $2.1 million to finance more SDG solutions. Debt and equity investments by Oikocredit, a Netherlands-based cooperative, help to finance microfinance institutions and small businesses in agriculture, renewable energy and infrastructure that are working to meet 16 of the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Last year, the co-op’s portfolio grew 16% to €1.05