Wind + Solar = 53% of New US Electricity

Solar and wind made up more than half of all new US electricity capacity in 2014. Adding other renewable sources (such as hydro, geothermal, waste heat, and biomass), nearly 56 percent of new energy came from renewables last year, according to new estimates from CleanTechnica. Natural gas was the single largest source of new electricity,

Aqua-Spark Invests $4 Million in Two Fish Farming Ventures

Dutch sustainable aquaculture fund Aqua-Spark invested $4 million in two ventures aiming to transform the fish farming industry. The fund invested in Calysta, a California biotech company that produces a fishmeal substitute made from naturally-occurring microbes that are grown through fermentation. The fund’s second investment is in Chicoa Fish Farm, a Mozambique-based fish farming operation

Uh-Oh: Microcredit Does Not Relieve Poverty

Microcredit is not living up to its promise to relieve poverty, concludes new research published in January’s American Economic Journal. Studies of microcredit programs in six countries “do not find clear evidence, or even much in the way of suggestive evidence, of reductions in poverty or substantial improvements in living standards,” according to policy research

Media Development Investment Fund: Banking on a Free Press

The Media Development Loan Fund began making equity investments more than 15 years ago. Last year, it finally changed its name to Media Development Investment Fund. The new name also better reflects the broader approach of the “media bank.” It takes more than financing to create strong, independent media companies in chaotic political and social environments.

Gram Vaani: Social Networks for the Global Poor

Unfinished health care clinics and schools being completed across India. Widows of deceased migrant workers receiving their due compensation. Farmers accessing information to increase productivity. Fishermen sharing weather information. India’s poor are finding a voice—or more accurately, a social media platform to share it—on Mobile Vaani, the largest voice-based social media platform in the world. Mobile