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STUDY: A million refugees in Germany haven’t displaced German workers

The first study of the impact of over one million refugees who arrived in Germany between 2014 and 2015 found “overall unemployment has not been much affected by refugee inflows.” The evaluation from Germany’s IZA Institute of Labor Economics found there were small increases in petty crime like fare-dodging. The refugee surge neither increased nor

Companies that design for Africa have a headstart on the future

The Brookings Institution’s Foresight Africa 2017 could be a blueprint for global growth and inclusive prosperity: access to financing, job creation and skill development, tech innovation and democratization, smart urbanization, climate action and good governance. Africa is leading the way with mobile and energy technologies that are leapfrogging traditional grids and broad access to financial

Don’t mention climate. For Midwest farmers, it’s the economy, stupid

Save the climate change talk for the politicians. U.S. farmers already dealing with erosion and shrinking aquifers are embracing farming techniques that fight soil erosion and conserve water. No-till farming is nothing new; it can reduce the nearly two billion tons of annual topsoil runoff that causes billions of dollars in losses. Instead of carbon emissions,

Micro-Franchises Offer Global Entrepreneurs a Proven Business-in-a-Box

Developing-world entrepreneurs are creating their own jobs without having to start their own companies. Instead, they are adopting proven models in education, health care and renewable energy and building badly needed distribution channels as franchisees. Micro-franchising is emerging as a resilient and more reality-based alternative to standalone startups as a way to create jobs and

Digital freelancing sites bring global youth into the gig economy

In Kenya, 40,000 youths have secured work through freelancing sites like Amazon’s MTurk and Kenyan startup KuHustle. The Kenyan government wants to boost that to a million young people by dispatching mentors and providing free wi-fi and online registration. Globally, 75 million youth ages 15 to 24 are without work; 20 million more enter the

Baby boxes nudge new parents toward best childcare practices

Women Rising New mothers in New Jersey will get a box full of diapers, onesies, baby wipes, breast pads, and nipple cream for breast feeding, in exchange for completing childcare training. Baby boxes were popularized in Finland, where infant mortality rates are among the world’s lowest. They are now distributed in parts of the U.K.,

Larry Fink tells companies to invest in their workers for the long-term — or else

The chief executive of Blackrock last year called on executives to look past their quarterly earnings toward long-term value creation. In this year’s letter to business executives, he told them how: invest in their employees’ skills and financial well-being in a changing world. In case anybody’s in doubt, that means dialing back buybacks that boost short-term