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Is Brazil’s progress against deforestation at risk?

Mighty Earth, an environmental watchdog, used drones and satellite imagery to monitor the impact of farmers who supply Burger King, one of the world’s largest fast food chains. The evidence in the new report shows farmers working for Burger King suppliers Bunge and Cargill burned tropical forests in Brazil and Bolivia to establish soy plantations to

These social impact bonds have an old-fashioned name: tax-free munis

Washington D.C. (green infrastructure), Seattle (affordable housing) and Philadelphia (low-income housing repairs) are all issuing bonds to fund quality-of-life improvements that could drive long-term fiscal value. We reported last month on growing impact investor interest in the $3.7 trillion muni-bond market (see, “How investors can help rebuild communities with muni bonds”). This week, Kresge Foundation highlighted the

Asian countries in 2030 will be divided between the worker-rich and the worker-poor

The highly restrictive “Asian model” of migration makes it “hard to fill jobs in many countries where they are needed, despite a surplus of labor elsewhere,” reports the Economist. Today, Asia is home to half the world′s population but just 17 percent of its immigrants. That will make it harder to meet labor needs as

Jean Case previews map of emerging impact data ecosystem

Women Rising Jean Case is bullish on impact investing. Writing in Stanford Social Innovation Review, the former AOL executive and head of the Case Foundation credits the growing influence of young people and women, the entrance of big institutions and an increasingly robust data ecosystem. On that last point, Case touts the Impact Investing Network

Millennial investors are seeking social impact through disease prevention and cure

Healthcare was the issue that mattered most in American Century Investments’ survey of the investment habits of more than 1000 adults, which found that more than half of millennials consider “social impact” an important factor in selecting investments. That suggests a mismatch between investor demand and the supply of health-related impact investments. Allocations to healthcare

Civic tech goes local to boost community problem-solving

From new positions at City Hall (think: Chief Technology Officers) and public-service fellowships to innovation units in the Mayor’s office, civic engagement is getting a tech makeover. New experiments and old partners are coming together to reimagine civic engagement, and not only in a few star cities. In smaller cities and rural communities, public officials

Everytable tests variable pricing model for healthy food in Los Angeles

Everytable made a splash when it promised to charge less for the same nutritious meals in poor neighborhoods than in wealthier ones. Nine months after launching its first grab-and-go health food storefront in lower-income South Los Angeles, Everytable is opening three locations this month, in Baldwin Hills, downtown LA and Santa Monica. A central kitchen supplies