Impact investors join forces to call on GE to lead the clean-energy transition

  • Investors with tens of billions in assets have written an open letter to incoming General Electric Co. CEO Lawrence Culp making the case that he can turnaround the Boston-based firm’s ailing valuation by becoming a leader in the global transition to clean power and transportation.

Investments products that benefit women are proliferating across asset classes

  • “For gender-smart investors there are now opportunities across asset classes and this is a great example, especially in products and services which benefit women,” Susan Biegel, a gender-lens investing adviser at the Wharton school, told ImpactAlpha.

Can corporate sustainability benchmarks turn the SDGs into a race to the top?

Nike’s deal with Colin Kaepernick has added almost $6 billion to company’s market value. But what has the company contributed to the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 16, “Peace, justice and strong institutions”? A new initiative launched ahead of the U.N. General Assembly is developing a range of benchmarks by 2023 to assess the progress