The Impact Alpha Report: Private funds managers deliver outperformance by driving impact

  • Tired: Tradeoffs. Wired: Impact alpha. A growing network of private fund managers is seeking to prove out the thesis that social impact can deliver higher, not lower financial returns. The shorthand for the emerging approach may be familiar to some readers: impact alpha.

Shell to link short-term carbon emission reductions with executive pay

  • What it signals: The willingness of oil and gas majors to play ball with the big capital allocators – who increasingly view climate change as a major systemic risk facing society… and their long-term portfolios – as well as Shell’s desire to be seen at the forefront of the energy transition.

New trustbusters aren’t waiting for government to democratize the economy

  • These new trustbusters are not waiting for government antitrust enforcement, which has largely languished in recent years.
  • Rather, they are building companies that can prosper – and repay investors – without being acquired by one of the small handful of giants in each industry.