Philadelphia Story: Good Capital Project, ImpactPHL and ImpactAlpha team up at Total Impact

There’s a reason ImpactAlpha has been publishing so many stories on Philadelphia, even beyond the fact that our own Dennis Price and his family moved back last year. We’ve been tracking locally-driven economic revival across the U.S.; Philly is testing approaches also taking hold elsewhere. Can local institutions and impact investors effectively direct capital to entrepreneurs and other agents of

Rise Fund’s Impact Multiple of Money: A conversation with TPG’s Bill McGlashan

  • Largest impact investment fund... TPG Growth's Rise Fund quickly raised $2 billion from a Who’s Who of global billionaires and institutional investors, making it the largest impact investment fund to date.
  • On-stage conversation...Bill McGlashan, Rise Fund founder and CEO, sat down with ImpactAlpha's David Bank at an event hosted by the Commonwealth Club in Mill Valley, California.

The Impact Delta: Change is good for investors focused on environmental and social performance

  • The all-knowing market... is pricing "impact alpha" into companies' valuations, making it tougher to get good ESG (for environmental, social and governance) performance on the cheap.
  • Distance traveled... Investors are starting to value the improvement, not just the outputs.
  • Tremendous opportunity... "to gain insight and alpha through finding companies with improving momentum in their ESG profiles,” says Cornerstone Capital Group's Erika Karp.

Should impact entrepreneurs beware the strategic corporate investor? (podcast)

  • It's a thing... Corporate venture capital is a thing. And that thing is converging on impact investing.
  • Latest ROI podcast... Our roundtable on ImpactAlpha’s Returns on Investment podcast took up the topic; have a listen as the journalists in the bunch turn the tables on the corporate impact investor in our midst.

Next-gen leaders of finance step up to the sustainable investing challenge

  • Kellogg - Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge and MIINT winners... key on climate adaptation and resilience, a major finance theme in coming decades.
  • No longer a fad... impact investing is a smart career move for the next generation of grads.
  • Workforce advantage... Impact focus and solution-orientation makes these MBA grads more desirable employees.

The impact opportunity in the mispriced risk of lending to the underserved

  • Falling cost of capital... We’re familiar with the impact of the falling cost of technology, from mobile phones to solar panels. The falling cost of capital may have even greater impact.
  • Serving the underserved... Millions of small businesses and individuals, in the US and around the world, may finally get access to the kind of appropriate, affordable capital they need.
  • Asset-backed lending... Bankers historically have not rushed to finance the receivables of customers without established credit histories. That’s starting to change.