Cornerstone Capital seeks to prove active managers can deliver impact in public equities (podcast)

  • Cornerstone’s Access Impact Fund is a Nasdaq-listed mutual fund that for a minimum $1,000 investment offers access to sub-advisors looking for thematic investment in small-, medium- and large-cap companies across geographies.

Japanese pension fund pushes asset managers to get tougher on sustainability

  • Institutional investors of GPIF’s size can’t escape market downtowns as they, effectively, “own the market.” That makes them “universal owners” and, in Mizuno’s view, responsible for systemic risks to the market.

Sir Ronald Cohen: ‘We are overthrowing the dictatorship of profit’ (podcast)

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Institutional Shift: Corporate operations are the front lines of sustainability (podcast)

ImpactAlpha, Nov. 14 –From Moline, Illinois, John Deere & Co. directs operations in 180 countries and nearly $40 billion a year in revenues. To grow, the farm equipment and agtech giant is pointing its considerable research and investment capacity toward climate-change solutions for farmers.  “They’re thinking about the whole spectrum: if climate is changing, how does