Action trumps politics on climate

One of the delicious tidbits to emerge from the infighting in the Trump administration is the codename Steve Bannon’s nationalists use to refer to the leader of the globalist wing, National Economic Council chief Gary Cohn: CTC, for “Carbon Tax Cohn.” The factions are expected to go at it today, in a White House meeting

Reframing Immigration: People on the Move are Assets, not Liabilities

The immediate outpouring of resistance against President Trump’s hastily drawn ban on travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries was driven by moral, humanitarian and constitutional concerns. Some business leaders have already rejected Trump’s move, including Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, Netflix’s Reed Hastings and Salesforce’s Marc Benioff. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has said the company is working on a

Green Slums: Adapting to Climate Change with Secure Land Tenure

Climate change is already hitting Mukuru, one of Nairobi’s largest slums. Built on waste lands along the Ngong River, muddy roads regularly flood with garbage. When the river bursts its banks, kids can’t get to school, sometimes for months. Climate experts predict more flooding in the decades ahead. Activists and researchers have a novel strategy

Trump is like the dog that caught the fire truck. Some ideas for what he does now.

It may be foolish to think that Donald Trump actually has solutions for addressing the wave of anger he rode into the White House. He’s spent decades stiffing contractors, outsourcing jobs and avoiding taxes. But if he’s looking for good ideas, let’s show him where to find some. There are at least a few areas where at

Tough Love: How a Dose of Banking Discipline Strengthened Financing for Smallholder Farmers

In more than a decade as a lender to small farmers and agricultural co-ops in Africa and Latin America, Root Capital has gained a reputation as an effective organization that has delivered genuine impact in a tough sector. In 2012, however, Root hit a speed bump. It was just a temporary breach of a technical

Early Traction: PRIME Coalition Investments Bridge Capital Gap for Early-Stage Climate Solutions

For venture capitalists, the urgency of climate action has been no match for the urgency of reaping returns from their investments before the end of their 10-year funds. That has made venture capital a poor fit for many promising climate-change solutions, many of which may not pay off for a decade or more. And that

Global Entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley: We Have Arrived

For all of the disruptions wrought by the global digital revolution, “Silicon Valley” has sometimes turned its back on the rest of the world. This week, the rest of the world is coming to Silicon Valley. The seventh Global Entrepreneurship Summit, sponsored by the U.S. State Department, kicks off today at Stanford University in Palo Alto, giving